CRM is the Hot selling product these days, Todays crm have taken the shape of SAAS Services, where Buyers are paying for the CRM as a Subscription based services. Moreover there is a huge potential to sell addons like SMS, Email, Voice , Business Whatsapp and other social media Platforms.

Below is the list of basic CRM features which buyers should check before buying or shortlisting any CRM.



Dashboard of the crm is the most viewed page in the software, this gives the overall view of the system, some of the basic info which is depicted in the system are: Leads Open, sales pipeline, sales workflow, Follow up date, marketing campaigns pending & complete, Reports like daily sales report, products listed report, support staff report, follow up report, users report, telephony report, upsell or cross sell report, commission report etc are the most common used part of CRM.


This is the very basic module which is User specific ie: every user has his/her set of contacts, that can be used in CRM. The CRM should have a feature to import / export the contacts on a single click and if we can give integration features with google contacts ,Facebook, Linkedin etc that will be the advantage.

Enquiry, Lead & Customer Data 

A very basic backbone of Sales depends upon three stages, Enquiry, Lead & Customer, 

The Enquiry Stage of the CRM captures data  through various API’s as well as manual entry, Other mediums are Scan Visiting card, Email Parser, B2B websites, Cloud telephony, social media Enquiry etc.

Then after the Exquiry is successfully captured, Software should have status change functionality with Allocation feature, where we will be able to allocate the job to agent or sales person. Thereafter after processing, the stage of the lead will be updated as customer.

Interested Products & Services 

Every business has Products or Services or Combination of both, CRM software should have  Products & Services Management Module. Every enquiry which lands into the system should have features that it can be associated with any interested product or service or both. Advantage of this function would be, the system will have information that which  enquiry was interested in which product or service.

Business Proposal & Quotation 

Today’s CRM industry is totally focused upon the marketing side, CRM should be powerful enough that it can generate Business Proposals as well as relevant quotations. Moreover they should be seamlessly integrate with the CRM communication module ie: Email, Whatsapp etc

Document Management & Client Communication 

Every Business process has communication & Set of documents associated with the client.  Today’s CRM should have capability to store & capture emails, communication, recordings, proposals, quotations, invoices, licescence keys etc.

Click To Call & Recording Management 

Cloud Telephone companies have a huge scope of getting into this area, because established companies can take a lead by giving a software solution to their existing customer. CRM has a Click to call feature, from where an agent or sales person initiates an outbound call and gets connected with the client, now there is a need for call logs to be integrated with the CRM. Hence this module should be powerful enough that it can be integrated with a mobile app, or a call can be initiated via internet/cloud telephony & viceversa.

Followup & Task  Management 

Easy follow up on Leads, the crm process should be so simple and user friendly.

CRM followup module should be able to integrate notifications on mobile app, email, webview & Google contacts. This Module should be thoroughly tested. 

Products & Services Management 

Every company either has products, services or a combination of both. Every CRM should be able to capture product & services offered details into the system, and should be fully customized.

User & Rights Management

There will be sales agents,managers & distributors or franchises in any business workflow,  CRM should be capable enough to give you access to create new users and give them rights based upons permission inside the CRM.

Third party API Integration 

There are various third party software’s like Cloud Telephony, B2B portals,  Social Media Plugins, Accounting Software & Various Forms on the website, CRM should be capable enough to integrate with all the systems..

Mobile App Or Responsiveness Feature 

Most of the time spent on software has been shifted from software to mobile apps, hence the first most important feature of CRM should be a Mobile App or atleast CRM should have a user friendly responsive view. In Sales most of the users spend time in the field, hence the motive is, they should be easily able to access the software.

Marketing Modules in CRM

Todays Crm’s are loaded with most of the Marketing techniques as mentioned (BULK Email Promotion, Bulk SMS Promotion, Bulk Voice promotion,  Promotion Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), WhatsApp Business Promotion, Facebook Promotion, Twitter Promotion, Linkedin Promotion, Landing Pages Promotion, Video Promotion)

Settings Module

This is the most powerful section or we call it as the core of the CRM, because the crm behaves as the inputs are entered in the system, Module in settings are:   Users & roles Settings, API Settings, Auto Allocation Module, Import Contacts / Enquiry/ Leads/ Customers Module etc.

AI & Machine Learning within CRM

CRM should be able to tell Health of Broken Configuration Throughout the CRM

CRM should be able to analysis sales in geo analysis

CRM should analyse Product Based Sales

CRM should analysis Services Based Sales

CRM should indicate customers probability to Upsell

Time Of The call

Follow Up status can be read to analysis the behaviour of the Customers

Response time analytics could help in training the response teams

 Implementing AI could save costs in the company.

AI could be used to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Reports Management 

This is the most important module of the CRM, This gives you access to your System Reports. Some of the basic reports should be: 

  • Sales funnel report 
  • Lead Conversion Report 
  • Source report 
  • Followup Report 
  • User Management Report 
  • Marketing campaign report (SMS, Email, Voice, whatsapp, social media)

If you are interested in Buying CRM for your business, Please Let us know 

Email : brand@digiyug.com

DIVOC 2020

Development fund for Indian economy’s Victory Over Corona in 2020

A potential solution to revive Indian economy from COVID 19 setback

* DIVOC is COVID read backwards and it indicates process to reverse COVID’s impact

The Background

Covid 19 outbreak has resulted in Global and National calamity. In India almost 70% of economic activity has come to a stand still threatening the survival of businesses that can potentially result in huge job losses/pay cuts and corresponding loss of significant revenue to the government that is supposed to be used for various economic and social welfare schemes. This kind of adverse economic situation has not been witnessed by us in our lifetime.

History has proven that mankind has emerged stronger and more connected after such setbacks over last 100’s of years. This shall also pass

In times of such crisis, it is important that, Countrymen and Business houses that are better off and sitting on liquidity should come forward and contribute towards economic revival NOT as a ‘Donation’ but as an ‘INVESTMENT’ that can yield good returns for them while it rescues the economy and helps it tide through these testing times

The subsequent slides provide the underlying principals on which the fund should be raised, invested and

returned/safeguarded, while it creates a huge impetus for the economy without depending on any external help


Year 2020 – The COVID 19 Impact



Key Objectives of the Fund



Contributors to the fund

 Who should Invest?

  1. Individuals with enough liquid funds in their saving balance, fixed deposits , debt and mutual Target segment is top 1 crore

Individual taxpayers of the country

  1. Corporate/Industrial houses with
  2. Large treasury balances and/or good debt cover,
  3. Include their CSR contribution
  4. Banks in proportion of additional liquidity released to the banks by RBI should mandatorily invested in this fund

How much should one invest?

Individuals Corporate + Industrial Houses Banks
Individuals should invest 2% of their saving and fixed deposit balance, for example.

Savings + FD = 50 lacs

Invest 2% of Rs. 50 lacs with fund i.e. Rs 1,00,000

Corporate + Industrial Houses(Ex. Banks) should invest 2% of treasury funds or 5% of net cash in hand, whichever is higher

Net cash = (Cash & Bank balance + Liquid investments – Debt obligation),

Banks should contribute in ratio of 1:1 with individual contribution to the fund


`Contributors to the fund Contd…

  • If top 1,00,00,0000 individual taxpayers can INVEST average INR 2,00,000.
  • INR 2,00,000 crores can be raised only from individuals and
  • Equivalent amount of INR 2,00,000 crs invested by banks
  • This methodology can generate a rescue fund of almost INR 6,00,000 – 8,00,000 crores and it will serve 2 key purposes,
  1. Its an investment with a good return guaranteed by government and not a mere tax hit imposed that impacts the individuals adversely
  2. Funds will be used for revival and growth of businesses thereby driving consumption, save jobs and keep government tax revenues moving
  • Additional voluntary contributions may be allowed

Return proposition for Investor

The fund will carry following commercial terms,

  1. Tenure of investment – 5 years
  2. 6% per annum fixed return on investment , payable quarterly
  3. 1% per annum accumulated return to be paid along with principle invested at the time of maturity, subject to fund generating enough returns
  4. Principle to be returned at the end of year 5 and carry a call option after which can be exercised by

The Fund anytime after 2 years in one go or in parts

  1. 0% TDS on interest payout
  2. Government of India to provide sovereign guarantee for any shortfall through 100% tax credit

How the fund should operate?

  • It should be a Special Situation Fund set up by center (AIF)
  • Minimum contribution of Rs 1,00,000 should be permitted
  • Following allocation matrix may be followed,
Micro businesses Small businesses Medium size businesses Large businesses
Funding need up to Rs 1 cr or turnover upto Rs 1 crs



20% fund allocation

Average funding of Rs 25 lacs

Funding need upto Rs 10 crs or turnover upto Rs 25 crs


30% fund allocation

Average funding Rs 2.5 crs

Funding need upto Rs 100 crs or turnover upto Rs 500 crs


30% fund allocation

Average funding Rs 25 crs

Funding need of Rs 100 crs plus or turnover of Rs 500 cr plus


20% fund allocation

Average Rs 100 crs

  • Fund should invite online application and proposal from various segments across the Industry level matrices based initial assessment screens should be developed for filtering proposals. NPA and stressed a/cs should also be considered
  • Central governance team of senior retired bankers, fund managers both public and private should be established and similarly teams at each state shall be setup to facilitate
  • Diligence and disbursement process to be made as faceless as possible
  • Fund management team will be eligible for 1% per annum management fees to manage the fund
  • Fund will be deployed as debt, equity, mix of debt or equity depending on the requirement of the businesses
  • Fund Target to generate average 10 % per annum returns
  • Suitable principal moratorium should be provided to ensure business revival
  • Listing of fund units over stock exchanges should be valuated to ensure greater liquidity

Investor Capital Protection Terms

Considering the fund can have high delinquency, say up to 20-25% due to current opaqueness on how future will shape up, it is proposed that Investor’s principal contribution and returns shall be guaranteed

In case funds fall short off the prescribed return plus capital to be returned at the end of 5 years, the difference should be adjusted in income tax liability of the contributor till it is fully recovered along with interest of 6 percent per annum

The above proposal and act of solidarity by our countrymen will help us tide these tough times and we will come out bigger, better and will achieve inclusive prosperity in future

Author of the proposal






Email           : rajat@pcubeadvisors.com

LinkedIn     : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajat-shail-kumar-b1951a10/

Brief Profile : Rajat is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of professional experience with recent

experience as first-generation entrepreneur and have held CEO/CFO position with large domestic and

multinational companies

Thank you

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Complinity is a comprehensive Cloud-based Compliance Management System that Tracks and Monitors statutory, regulatory, central & state, secretarial and legal compliances within a company. It helps businesses manage all their compliance documentation, activities, conduct audits, track and resolve compliance issues on the cloud. Complinity secures your business and makes operational processes more efficient.
Long Business Description:

Complinity is an amalgamation of the words Compliance and Infinity. What it essentially is, an Infinite Compliance System. We relate the system to infinity, since at the core of this cloud software, lies an auto-scheduler which creates compliances for an organization till an infinite amount of time and also because it has no limitations in terms of users, locations, departments, acts and ability to create compliances.
Director's Responsibility Statement under Section 134 (5) (f) states that: "the directors should have devised proper systems to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such systems were adequate and operating effectively."

Functions of Company Secretary under Section 205 (1) states that: "to report to the board about compliance with the provisions of this Act, the rules made there under and other applicable laws applicable to the Company."

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Holding expertise with Multi-layered S/W designing, development, maintenance, enhancement using OOPs concepts, Multi-thread concepts & Collection framework with Unit/Integration Testing and TDD

Our Expertise Includes
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Mobile App Development Company in Indore
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ABIT CORP mobile app development company based in Indore, India - a global leading IT Company offers Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development, E-commerce Solution Development, CMS Websites, API Integration, Payment gateway integration, SMS gateway integration, Google maps API integration, Website Design and Development with a vision to fully satisfy our valuable clients, we provide high-quality mobile app development with backend software web app to operate at an affordable cost. Our domain expertise includes Client-server applications, Finance solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Portal development, etc.

Holding expertise with Multi-layered S/W designing, mobile app development, maintenance, enhancement using OOPs concepts, Multi thread concepts & Collection framework with Unit/Integration and Testing
? iOS & Android, Objective-C & Java SDK, Swift, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native
? WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop
? PHP, NodeJS
? PSD, HTML, Bootstrap, AngularJS
? MySQL and MongoDB

We are passionate about making mobile apps. Over the last 10 years, we got mobile development experience in a broad range of industries, including social, education, sports entertainment, dating, restaurant management, and rental solutions. We have a solid understanding of full mobile and software development life cycles, UIX, web analytics, changing web standards, and Agile methodologies. Dedicated to continuously developing, implement, and adopting new technologies to maximize development efficiency and produce innovative mobile application solutions.

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Awareness is the key to a Change

Change happens through Excellence and Endurance of Leadership 6,500 km on Cycle: Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City


A daring and daunting expedition is being undertaken by Capt Mohit Tomar and Mr. Mitesh Singh to cycle from Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City (Vung Tau), a total distance of 6,500 km. In this tortuous journey, the team of two will traverse six countries viz. India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and touch three seas viz. Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and South China Sea.


To promote adventure-based leadership education as a part of curriculum to build character and charisma among (visit different schools on the way and address the students)

To bring awareness about water conservation (by collecting water from 03 seas by cycle)

Route of Influence

Mumbai- Vizaga- Kolkata- Dhaka- Silchar- Mandalay- Ang Thong- Siem Reap- Ho Chi Minh- Vung Tau

Country Distance Route (in each country)
India 2,926 km Mumbai- Hyderabad- Vizag- Kolkata- Bangaon
Bangladesh 434 km Benapole (Petrapole)- Jessore- Dhaka- Sylhet- Dubag- Sutarkandi
India 411 km Sutarkandi- Silchar- Moreh
Myanmar 1,503 km Tamu – Khampat- Mandalay- Yangon- Myawaddy
Thailand 592 km Mae Sot- Ang Thong- Aranyprathet
Cambodia 496 km Krong Poi Pet- Siem Reap-Trapang Thlong
Vietnam 225 km Trapang Thlong Checkpost- Ho Chi Minh- Vung Tau


Total Distance: 6,500 km

(Color-code: blue-India, Green-Bangladesh, Red-Myanmar, Black-Thai, Orange- Cambodia & Purple- Vietnam)

Day Start End Km Day Start End Km
1 Mumbai Lonavala 83 27 Silchar Shantikhun 111
2 Lonavala Pune 64 28 Shantikhun Pallel Mamang 165
3 Pune Indapur 140 29 Pallel Mamang Tamu 69
4 Indapur Solapur 111 30 Tamu Kale 130
5 Solapur Humnabad 144 31 Kale REST
6 Humnabad IISH Hyderabad 131 32 Kale TBD 117
7 Hyderabd REST 33 TBD Monywa 117
8 IISH Hyderabad Suryapet 196 34 Monywa Mandalay 131
9 Suryapet Kallur 112 35 Mandalay Meiktila 155
10 Kallur Rajahmundry 192 36 Meiktila Naypytaw 145
11 Rajahmundry Vizag 190 37 Naypytaw Taungoo 115
12 Vizag Tuni 100 38 Taungoo Myo Chaung 117
13 Tuni Vizag 91 39 Myo Chaung Kyaikto 132
14 Vizag Srikakulam 116 40 Kyaikto Hpa An 119
15 Srikakulam Brahmapur 160 41 Hpa An Myawaddy 131
16 Brahmapur Cuttack 192 42 Myawaddy REST
17 Cuttack Balasor 174 43 Myawaddy Tak 94
18 Balasor Kharagpur 148 44 Tak Nakhon Sawan 182
19 Kharagpur Kolkata 137 45 Nakhon Sawan Ang Thong 138
20 Kolkata REST 46 Ang Thong Prachin Buri 162
21 Kolkata Bangaon 103 47 Prachin Buri Aranyaprathet 110
22 Bangaon Magura 92 48 Krong Poi Pet Siem Reap 152
23 Magura Dhaka 148 49 Siem Reap Stueng Sean 162
24 Dhaka Shaistaganj 152 50 Stueng Sean Trapang Thlong 182
25 Shaistaganj Sutarkandi 134 51 Trapang Thlong Ho Chi Minh 129
26 Sutarkandi Silchar 66 52 Ho Chi Minh Vung Tau 96


Capt Mohit Tomar. Leadership Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Mountaineer and Author An ex-Army officer and an IIM alumnus, with a diverse experience

ranging from military to corporate to education, Capt Mohit Tomar, lives his purpose and passion of unlocking human potential through his inspiring and insightful training programs. Trained in advanced mountaineering skills, he attempted Mt Everest and climbed peaks such as Mt Kilimanjaro (Highest peak of Africa), Mt Fuji (Highest peak of Japan), Mt Bonette (Argentina), Mt Yunam (Ladakh), Mt Kinabalu (Highest Peak of Malaysia) and others. His book on leadership, ‘When Journey becomes the Goal’ is one of the best sellers.

Mr. Mitesh Singh. Leadership Trainer, Mountaineer and Adventure consultant

A young dynamic leadership trainer who influences and inspires through action. He weaves his corporate experience and adventure endeavors to create impactful training programs. As an expert expedition organizer, he led successful expeditions nationally and internationally. His innovative ideas to create leadership training tools has acclaimed him as a worldwide recognition.


We need your support!

Such an audacious journey cannot be completed alone. Your support in any capacity will be of great help to us. As a token of thanksgiving, we will

  • Display your brand on flag/t-shirt/placard while riding the route
  • Speak at your organization

Contact us at

Capt Mohit Tomar: +91-8095909555 

EMAIL :  mohit.tomar@indusschoolofleadership.com

Mitesh Singh:  +91-9654282897  

EMAIL:   mitesh.singh@indusschoolofleadership.com

Cyber Security has become one of the priorities of businesses. Businesses have to follow certain rules and regulations in order to remain compliant. One side where organisations are building their Information Security and Cyber Security capabilities on the other hand it is equally important to have a knowledgeable leadership which is at least aware of basic Cyber Security concepts.

Cyber-crimes and attacks creates a huge impact our organisation’ security, organisation’s financial growth, and consumer confidence. Each and every business regardless of size or geographic location, is a potential target for hackers. Preparing for and responding to this growing cyber threat is necessary – and it is an executive level responsibility.

There have been many cases where top management becomes victim of cyber security frauds and incidents because of lack of information security awareness.

Although cyber awareness is mandatory for everyone working in the organisation, however it is more essential for the leadership.


Reasons, why top management should attend cyber security trainings:

  • Top management often works on privileged accounts, i.e. mostly they work with admin privileges in their systems, hence can lose critical information during any cyber-attack.
  • Generally top management IT systems does not comes under continuous monitoring, so it becomes easier for the hacker or malicious user to intrude inside the system and remain undetected.
  • Top management has very crucial data about the business which has very high “Hack Value” i.e. the data is worth hacking which generally attracts hackers and competitor.
  • Top management generally are the not aware of cyber security and information security’s day to day things, so they are most vulnerable for any cyber threat.
  • Top management is mostly using their IT systems outside the organisations network such as conferences, hotel rooms, investors meeting etc since they travel a lot for business purposes. They should be aware of dos and don’ts of cyber security and information security.
  • Data leakage from any top management’s system could damage the organisations reputation.
  • Top Management often fell prey of cyber security incidents because of their popularity among the rest of world and their credentials available online
  • Top managers are most of the times very good management professional, however they lack good IT security skillset, which could be achieved by attending cyber security awareness trainings

What is the Role of Leadership in Information Security Management System (ISMS)?

Leadership plays very important role in Information Security Management System.

  • Leadership defines the policies and procedures for Cyber Security and Information Security with respect to the regulatory compliance.
  • Leadership provides appropriate financial, technical and human resources for maintaining Information and Cyber Security.
  • Leadership is responsible for periodic review of Information Security and Cyber Security status of the organisation.
  • Leadership is also responsible for periodic review of risk pertaining to Cyber Security and information security and treatment of high level risk which could be detrimental for the organisation’s growth
  • Leadership is responsible for Risk Treatment: Risk Mitigation, Risk Avoidance, Risk Acceptance, and Risk Sharing. The resources to mitigate Information Security and Cyber Security risk shall be provided by leadership

What should be the content of Cyber Security awareness training?

 Training should give a basic understanding of information security and cyber security. Clear definition and examples of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability should be provided.

  • Basics of information systems
  • Definitions and examples of IT systems like networks and application
  • Examples of Information Assets: Networks, Application, People, Documents
  • Importance of cyber security and information security
  • Difference between Information Technology and Information Security Governance system
  • Importance of reviewing information security and Cyber security status of the organisation.
  • Difference between IT security and Information Security
  • Importance of developing Information Security and Cyber Security training and awareness among employees including vendors and contractual staff.
  • Regular Development of competence among the employees for handling information security and cyber security issues.
  • Importance of business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Common threat scenarios like phishing, spoofing, Vishing (voice phishing) should also be demonstrated during information security training.
  • Risk pertaining to third party or services outsourcing.
  • Information and cyber security compliance.
  • Change management, capacity management, backup management and incident management.
  • Importance of vendor risk assessment and third party security audits.
  • Basics of user access management and asset management
  • Aspects of vulnerability management and patch management.
  • Importance and process of Cyber security forensics process.
  • Basics of encryptions and importance of its usage for information security.
  • Cyber resilience and table top exercises.

Information Technology and Information Security works hand in hand. Both compliments each other however both are different domains. In many cases it has been observed that due to lack of appropriate knowledge and training many leaders/Top Management are unable to take right decision pertaining to information security and Cyber security which could lead to serious compliance issues sometimes. Attending an awareness session shall be definitely helpful for organisations growth.

A comprehensive training program will help the Top Management to understand the basics of Information and Cyber Security threats and risks. It’s also help the leadership to understand how the compliance for the same should be managed.

Organizations that are the most prepared to mitigate cyber risks have top management/leadership that are aware and informed of the current cyber security and information security threat environment. Executives and Boards of Directors set organisations policy, approve financial & human resource budget, and provide oversight and leadership. Setting the governance from the top is essential. Cyber security risk management is often considered as an IT issue, however it is a cross-departmental responsibility that requires executive leadership and support. It is very important of any organisation to identify and mitigate any kind of cyber security or information security risk.

There are many online and in house customised training programmes are available worldwide for enhancing cyber security skills at each level in the organisation. A cyber security awareness session would definitely be helpful in order to understand the current risk scenario and how to deal with those situations.

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Information security has become a very lucrative career now a days. Every organisation is trying to build their Information security team because of regulatory compliances, market competition and last but not the least increase of cyber security risk on information systems.

Information security is associated in every field of organisation and at least basic awareness is expected from everybody, however a skillset is required to govern and drive the whole Information Security within an organisation.

One can jump into information security at different levels of his/her career, irrespective of his/her educational background. To make it more clear let’s consider few scenarios here



  1. Anyone who is planning to get into Information Security can start their planning from higher secondary level. In this case the student needs to opt for subjects like Physics Chemistry, Mathematics and IT/IP. Then he/she needs to opt for BTech in Computer Science of IT or BCA(Bachelors of Computer Applications).You can start preparing during your graduation, start formal trainings like on Networks and Servers, and make your fundamentals strong. Gradually by the end of your graduation you can go for CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker), which is an introductory course in Cyber Security.With all these expertise and certifications one can definitely start their career in InfoSec.

Tip: If you are planning for any certification during your graduation do it in the last year because a certification has an expiry date(mostly 3 years from the date of issue)



  1. If you are not an IT graduate, say you are pursuing B.Sc. or B.Com or B.A., even then you can work in information security. You need to do go for basic trainings network and server trainings like Scenario One. A lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance can make anything possible. A CCNA, Red Hat Linux, Server Administrations and CEH certification will definitely be helpful.


  1. If you are a working in IT (Information Technology) and now like to switch to information security first generate skill sets in networks, servers and basic cyber security skillset like network security or application security. Once you have good knowledge of Cyber Security, now you can pursue ISO/IEC 27001 Internal Auditor or ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor or Lead Implementer training. After successful completion of training and certification one can start career as an Internal Auditor, Lead Auditor or Lead implementer respectively. You can also work as an Information Security Risk Assessor or a third party auditor.


  1. If you are a senior level executive having basic skillsets of cyber security and you want a complete migration to Information Security domain, you can start with ISO 27001 Lead Auditor or ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, then gradually you can obtain CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) and CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional). Certifications like CISA and CISSP are of very high value and one can be a top level information security executive like CISO(Chief Information Security Officer) of any organisation, however these position also requires managerial skill set along with technical skill sets.


  1. If you are working at a senior position in any organisation in Sales, procurement or any other non IT department and you are fascinated with Information Security and want to pursue your career in it. Yes, you still have chance. What all you need to do is generate a basic skillset in Network and IT infrastructure and you are good to go.

Later on you can learn basics of Cyber Security like Ethical Hacking and can pursue different Information Security Certifications like ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, GDPR etc.


  1. If you are an IT graduate then you can also pursue Masters in Information Security, after this you can directly start your career in Information Security as a Consultant. MBA with Information Security is a good way to start your career in Information Security. Organisations hire these candidates because they can work both in technical and not technical domains.


  1. One with a non-technical background and having interest in Information Security can opt for a career in Cyber Laws. After pursuing this one can work as a Legal Consultant with any organisation. This job is also in demand because organisation faces many legal challenges pertaining to Information Security every other day and they need consultants and experts who can guide them in different scenarios.


  1. If you are a programmer in your existing job profile, you can learn secure coding techniques and hence you enter in information security domain. Now a days many attacks are happening at application level, because of flaws in existing source code. Knowledge in secure coding will definitely be an extra edge for your career and can give you a smooth entry in information security domain.


  1. If you have an investigative mind set then Computer forensics is a good option for you. This role comes into picture when any Cyber Security incident happens in any organisation. A Computer Forensics investigator check the systems and finds out the root cause of the problem, and later on organisation can patch or implement another corrective action on the issue and can prevent recurrence. CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) is a popular certification for this career.


  1. If you have a good knack of teaching, you can start your career as Information Security Trainer after completion of your graduation and basic Information Security training. Training is very lucrative career among many experienced professionals as well. There are many professionals who are involved into part time training and thus can start their career in Information Security.


From all the above scenarios we can clearly see that Information Security is a path, one cannot attain it overnight. Moving ahead step by step will ease your journey. All the steps in this are equally important. One needs a strong dedication and determination. With our changing business scenario, where the aspect of threat and risk is changing every other day one needs to be updates with the current regulator and statutory requirements.

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I started working with a Youtube channel called Sarphira this January(2019). Sarphira was creating comedy sketches around our daily life, I felt the content was really good but the traffic they were driving even after uploading some 15 videos back to back consistently was low, like really low.


This is what I was looking at two weeks in January. I was looking at a channel which has good content, which is consistent and is breaking their bone creating every video but barely getting any traction. The only question I had was where f#@k is my traffic?

In my first two weeks I vigorously tested for traffic, for content, for thumbnail, for niche and for relevant tags by making them upload very different videos back to back. The two spikes you see above are those uploads, Then in the third week I had a rough idea of what was going on , what will actually work and get us good traffic. And we uploaded one more video, It blasted, did 100k in a day!



Something worked, but what? so, I went in more deep and ran three more tests, one got me average traffic, one got barely anything and the third did the first million in three weeks of it’s upload date. I am not kidding, I have attached the screen shot below, check it.

I will tell you exactly what I learned working with Sarphira and helping them grow from 20k views to 4m views for next six months. First thing I learned was:

1. Understand Your Traffic

Understand what your traffic is watching, understand the most important difference between Google and Youtube, With Google you’ll grow fast if your content is unique in your niche while for Youtube you grow if you create content on basis of where “Your” traffic is heading, I will elaborate on that using a video we created around “Holi”, Indian festival of colors. Honestly, it was prediction that we were going to get good traffic for the Holi video.

How did we know that? We checked, how? using Google Trends, how? I will show you.


I went on google trends, searched for Holi keyword and checked when does the keyword starts gaining traction and how much traffic does it gain. Holi was on 2nd March in 2018 and Holi keyword started gaining crazy traction from 25th Feb. 2018 to 3rd March 2018 on Youtube, 25th March was 1 week prior Holi in 2018.

So, to gain good traction all I had to do was place my video under Holi keyword atleast 10 days prior, as we used to upload video on every alternate thursday, we had to upload on 14th March 2019 as Holi was on 21st March this year. What was the result? Check it for yourself!


2. Stop Sharing With Your Friends

But Why? Just imagine if all your traffic is just your friends? Yes, that’s definitely a good thing, you have good friend, now think of it this way, are you actually getting any traffic from youtube organically? Probably yes or probably no, how can you know it for sure? Eliminate all unpredictable factors from the equation. Yes, stop sharing with any unpredictable traffic source (including your friends & family).

3. Always Keep Your Eye On Your Analytics

This is the biggest mistake I made since we started gaining good traction. I did not track analytics for one of our recent video and guess what? I lost on a huge traffic bump, what exactly do I mean by keep a keen eye on your analytics?


Look at the above analytics, I recorded this a week after we uploaded this video. I was not checking it on regular basis, only if I had checked it we would have leverage on that major traffic bump. The conversion was barely 5% when I checked, I figured out what was the problem and the video blasted like crazy. I changed a few tags and changed the thumbnail. Look at it now!


4. Change The Thumbnail If Your Video Is Not Getting Traffic

With the above video the problem was the thumbnail. The Content Manager in Sarphira uploaded the video with a thumbnail which was not clear enough and we lost the game.

When we made the thumbnail change the traffic blasted, it grew five times faster.

5. Don’t Go Overboard With Tags

I have seen many accounts (even Sarphira) using tags which are totally irrelevant to the content they have created. I can understand why you may want to use all of the 500 characters but don’t do that, keep it focused on your content, your channel and your genre.

I will show an example from one good Youtuber called Vanessa Lau who grew really fast in the influencer niche. I haven’t seen any account yet who has more focused tags on their videos than her. Even my tags aren’t that focused majority of times, check out how she uses tags below and try as close as you can to follow what she does.

Look at her tags, she is ranking on every one of them and all of her tags are way focused than the tags you will find on any average video. I believe that is the only reason why she has grown her channel from 30k to 86k in mere 5 months. (the plugin I used to see her tags is called VidIQ, its free)

6. Your Description Matters

You might or might not have noticed this, the description is one of the way Youtube filters you content for the keywords you are trying to rank for. I will show you an example:

If you see the words I have highlighted, all of them are highlighted by Youtube too. Why? Because youtube has used the words in the description and matched it with my search query and then delivered them to me in search result. Use this tip to your advantage but again don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing, keep it subtle but don’t forget to include your keywords in the description.

7. Consistency Don’t Matter

Yes, It doesn’t. It might be hard for you to believe me on this one because majority of the big name on internet go hard on being consistent and uploading on a specified time and repeating it. But consistency drives traffic is the biggest myth for youtube, consistency don’t matter, I have uploaded in morning, at night, in afternoon and even in midnight at times. The traction I got for each video was totally irrespective of time. There was once when we didn’t upload for two weeks still the next video we uploaded got us around 8k subs. So, don’t break your bone and make a hole in your pocket in being consistent, trust me on this one consistency don’t matter. Create good content around where there is more traffic you ll grow leaps and bounds.

I hope this pushes you guys to either start a start Youtube Channel or helps you to scale on Youtube Faster. Let me know if this helps you, cheers!

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   10 Tips For Cheap Travel Around The World


I’m always looking for tips to help travelers save money! Here are some tips to help you travel for cheap. Most of us love to travel and explore new destinations, but a lot of things hold us back. Of these, money is the most frequently cited factor. It’s the only thing that prevents most of us from Going out and exploring exotic lands. This article is for all those who think that you have to be rich to travel. There are many ways to travel cheaply in any country and save money. Here are 10 tips that will help you see the world on a small budget. You can find more travel tips at


  1. Plan your trip

Before traveling, it is important to research the destination. Knowing a little about the country, its people, its culture, its customs, its food, etc., you will avoid a lot of problems. A little research will let you know the expensive cities that may need to be avoided. Similarly, you must also plan the places you will visit and the time you spend there. Traveling with a plan is especially important in case you are a budget traveler, because planning everything in advance will save you unexpected expenses.

  1. Choose wisely your airline

Flying can be very expensive if you do not choose the right airline for your trip. A cheap airline can save you money if you are smart enough to avoid extra costs. Additional fees may apply if you are looking for better benefits, such as the seat of your choice, or if you want to settle together if you are traveling in a group. Baggage fees may apply, even if you do not check in your luggage. Cheap airlines can save you money if you are willing to sacrifice some comfort. I invite you to read these few secrets to find cheap airline tickets before you search.

  1. Travel out of season

Traveling in high season can cost you more money, so it’s wise to avoid trips in high season. Prices of airlines, hotels and food increase during school holidays and at occasions like Christmas, Easter, Eid and Diwali. You can save a lot of money because airlines and hotels reduce their prices to attract customers out of season. In addition, you also avoid crowds of tourists at your destination.

  1. Eat local food

For travelers on a budget, it is advisable to eat what the locals eat. Overpriced cafes and restaurants can cost you a lot of money that you could otherwise save by going to local places that serve fresh meals. This way you can get a much more authentic experience. In addition, it is best to avoid eating near famous tourist attractions because the food is necessarily expensive. Cooking yourself or preparing a sandwich or hamburger can save you a lot of money.

  1. Save money on transportation

Transportation is a major factor that consumes a lot of our money on a trip. Becoming familiar with the public transportation system can save you a lot of time and money. Local buses and trains are cheap and offer more opportunities to meet and get to know the locals. Services like Uber can also be used because they are cheaper and more reliable than local taxis. Having a means of transportation is a better option if you plan to stay in one place for a long time. Buy a car or bike to avoid the hassle of public transport, although this can sometimes become more difficult, but that’s why we travel. You will be challenged every day; You will be faced with a breakdown, a puncture, you will lose yourself, but you will learn every day during this kind of trip. In addition, it can be more adventurous because it allows you to occasionally camp, sleep in your vehicle and save money that will otherwise be spent on the hotel. At the end of your trip, you can resell the vehicle and recover much of your money spent on transportation.

  1. Use community platforms

Using a community platform can save you a lot of money because you can find cheaper accommodation, meals and transportation. Sites such as Airbnb (for accommodation), EatWith (meals), BlaBlaCar (carpooling) have transformed the travel industry by making it much cheaper and more accessible. You also get in touch with the locals and learn a lot about the place.

  1. Use travel discounts

Never forget to use the travel discounts that exist on the web. If you have a promo code, you can save money on flights, travel, shopping and a host of other things around the world. There are many sites doing some research, you can see all the Go Voyages discounts on this site for example. GO Voyages is one of the largest online sellers of airline tickets in France and offers a wide choice of flight deals, at the best prices and from cities around the world and with this kind of travel discounts you can save up to 40% discount or deduct 100 € on your ticket.

  1. Walk more

You do not need to take a taxi or public transport to get anywhere, especially when you want to save money. If the place of visit is within a reasonable walking distance for you, go there on foot. As you walk through town, you will experience immersive and culturally enriching experiences.

  1. Work while traveling

There are countless opportunities to make money nowadays. All you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection. With the increasing penetration of the internet, <a href=”https://www.careermetis.com/actionable-tips-successful-freelance-career-2019/”>freelancers</a> can now earn a lot of money by living anywhere they want in the world while traveling. You can also make money without a long-term job, for example teaching skiing in winter or a language in another country. The opportunities to make money are many if you put in a little time and effort.

  1. Be flexible with your plans

When traveling on a limited budget, it’s possible that things are not going as planned. Bad things can happen to you from time to time, and you should be ready for that. You could end up in a bad situation and lose money; you might not get a refund for something that would have been insured. When such misfortunes occur, you must accept the changes and adjust your plans accordingly.

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When people think of shared coworking spaces, the image that comes to our mind includes freelancers or solo-entrepreneurs, but the fact is startup teams or even big business are also moving towards shared working environments.
Now, the commercial offices are transforming into new and more collaborative workspace design architecture and now many of the businesses and even enterprises are feeding the demand for #coworking trends.

‘Workplace for future’, ‘Alternate office’ or ‘flexible offices’ – these are many synonyms of coworking shared spaces. It started a few decades ago as an innovative solution for freelancers and young startups have now become a #trending thing. According to the latest research, more than 1 million companies have started using coworking spaces for their business operations.
There is a shift towards enterprising moving towards coworking spaces such as tuition centers, research labs, or satellite office, etc

Let’s dash into some of the values that ingenious startups get from working out of shared coworking workspaces.

#1 Shared Offices Encourage More Connections with fellow workers, Which Also Increases Productivity of business:

One of the most fascinating facts of coworking shared space is that you can meet people of different interests, different mindsets, different culture, etc., which can help you grow as you can get new ideas or new thought for any kind of a problem. You can also grow your team by connecting with people around you, there are freelancers who are also using coworking spaces for their work, or you can grow your business by connecting with other business owners who are using that space along with you. You can also call other fellow members of shared space to your product launch which in returns helps to get more productivity to your business.

#2 Look the Part with a well Equipped Space that Impresses Clients, Job Candidates, and Investors:

when you are in the first few years of major growth activities of your business, then having a professional meeting/conference space is required. Coworking spaces raised popularity because they understood how much it is important to have a well-structured office for meeting up your clients or investors.
Having the right ambiance and the right environment is the key to business success. As bringing investors or clients to clean, fully-equipped with modern technology, a conference room with a whiteboard and round table and stylish office with good interior can build trust and confidence.
This Might help you get a handsome amount of funding for your startup or your business. Moreover, this attracts the youth to join your company as you have such a healthy environment around you.

#3 Take Advantage of Low-Commitment with High Convenience:

Most of the coworking shared spaces offer monthly, daily or hourly memberships with amenities such as high-speed wi-fi facility, free tea/coffee, meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, printer facilities, etc, hence helps you in keeping your business overhead costs to a minimum. You can even customize your package as per your requirements like you know you do not need a conference room or tea/coffee services then you can go for customized services as well.

Big Businesses are also using coworking spaces as they don’t have to manage anything of their own such as a power cut off, wifi bills, Tea/coffee bills, fixed tenure agreement, etc. They can completely focus on their business and can make it a huge success.



#4 Innovation options for your Business:

Coworking shared spaces also provide an exhilarating environment to innovate and harness their creativity. Tech & IT companies are always in an infinite “war for talent” situation. Finding the right and topmost talent is an extremely difficult part. Individual factors such as the working place and other benefits can make a huge difference.
By providing the coworking shared space for their employee, staff can decide exactly how, where and when they choose to work, ultimately helping in increasing the productivity, morale and also encourage the innovation out of the box from the team.

Coworking work culture represents a modern lifestyle, which attracts the young and energetic generation. Nowadays companies want energetic and innovate people who can think beyond the way normal people think. When you do not have to worry about anything around you can focus on your work in a more efficient way.

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“Clinical Diagnosis, The contemporary, hands-on and real-time analysis”

Medicine is an inexact science. We are accustomed to this concept in its various dimensions & coloration. The articulate doctor would say that he will apply all his professional expertise for the therapeutic relief and management of his patients follow the universal protocols and practices but nevertheless, the outcome and results may still be eventful! The nature of the anatomical anomalies, physiological changes, aggravated pathology, terminal or palliative stage of the disease and curable or treatable form of its manifestation may ultimately bring in to picture the real-time patient care or lack of it.   (The Present Article is a humble attempt to illuminate the interpersonal relationship between the doctor & the patient)

Clinical Diagnosis, The contemporary, hands-on and real-time analysis”

The first and foremost tool at the command of a physician is the pair of hands and the pair of eyes which the Mother Nature has bestowed upon him. The undergraduate course in its curriculum carries the sharpening of visible perception of the subject (patient), the physical appearance, the tell-tale signs and presentations escalated  by the symptomatic jugglery of the disease process magnified into a provisional or conformed positioning or likelihood of the issues which the patient is suffering from, in other words, known as ‘diagnosis’. The course of treatment may start with, the accurate diagnosis of the patient. The timely ‘diagnosis’ of the patient and the skillful picking up of other alerts like the co-morbid conditions.  (Mis-diagnosis, error in diagnosis and sometimes missed diagnosis derails a course of treatment without any intentional lapse on the part of the caregiver)

It’s not out of context to state that the trajectory of alleged medical negligence  steeply goes down where the per capita time spent by the clinician with patient is comparatively more during which there is a random exchange of complaints, conditions, difficulties and problem areas vocally and expressly shared by the patients himself and the rapt attention paid by the clinician to hear and listen, see and watch, capture and observe, pickup and apply and make up a firm mind to give the best treatment of choice.

Clinical Diagnosis, The contemporary, hands-on and real-time analysis”


 1.      Protocol – There is no rule of thumb or any judicial prerogative that can be used as a benchmark for preventive measures that may be observed by all the doctors during their first encounter with the patients. The academic, practical, on the job training and experience hours determines the acumen of the intuitive clinical skills.

2.       Watch-the-watch – It is immaterial whether by the watch a physician makes up his mind to spend few minutes to an hour or more to understand the problems of his patient. But more than the quantitative aspect it is the qualitative filter that comes into play, the former leading to the latter and not otherwise.

3.      Communication Skills – Other than the formal training of physical examination of the patients, the language should never become the barrier between the patients and the doctor. It is all the more important that the simplest form of language, even vernacular may be used for communication between the two. The person In pain can explain better the points of its generation or referral, whereas the physician is trained to use the touch and pressure to determine the nature and extent of the same in order to reach the most immediate and probable cause behind the same.

4.    Why ‘co-relate’ clinically  In the world of radiodiagnosis, laboratory analysis and other digital examinations of the human anatomy required collectively or in isolated branches or vital organs, the courts have consistently held that the examiner shall highlight the observations on an objective basis by laying out the parameters and the acceptable standards. However, with the basic qualification as a pathologist or a radiologist or a laboratory technician, the professional shall not give his mind on the diagnosis unless the referring consultant has requested or directed for a specific probe or the professional holds a higher qualification to state so. However, in both the conditions the opinion of the primary consultant shall prevail.


All the clinical establishments throughout the State of Uttrakhand are directed that the patients are not unnecessarily put to diagnostic tests. Only necessary diagnostics tests are ordered to be undertaken to access the clinical condition of the patient. The State Government is directed to prescribe the rates for various diagnostic tests or procedures or surgeries or treatments extended by clinical establishments …” (Ref : WPPIL – 120/16  AHMAD NABI VS STATE OF UTTRAKHAND, Dated 14th Aug 2018)

Read from the physician’s perspective, the aforesaid judicial observations recognized the strength of the clinical diagnosis and the sanctity of the reasoned opinion of the physician after clinical examination of the patient. It also rests at bay the apprehensions in the minds of the cautious and preventive practitioners who are into passive medication after the advent of high compensation awards given by courts in malpractice litigation.


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