Basic Functionalities of Customer Relation Management Software

CRM is the Hot selling product these days, Todays crm have taken the shape of SAAS Services, where Buyers are paying for the CRM as a Subscription based services. Moreover there is a huge potential to sell addons like SMS, Email, Voice , Business Whatsapp and other social media Platforms.

Below is the list of basic CRM features which buyers should check before buying or shortlisting any CRM.



Dashboard of the crm is the most viewed page in the software, this gives the overall view of the system, some of the basic info which is depicted in the system are: Leads Open, sales pipeline, sales workflow, Follow up date, marketing campaigns pending & complete, Reports like daily sales report, products listed report, support staff report, follow up report, users report, telephony report, upsell or cross sell report, commission report etc are the most common used part of CRM.


This is the very basic module which is User specific ie: every user has his/her set of contacts, that can be used in CRM. The CRM should have a feature to import / export the contacts on a single click and if we can give integration features with google contacts ,Facebook, Linkedin etc that will be the advantage.

Enquiry, Lead & Customer Data 

A very basic backbone of Sales depends upon three stages, Enquiry, Lead & Customer, 

The Enquiry Stage of the CRM captures data  through various API’s as well as manual entry, Other mediums are Scan Visiting card, Email Parser, B2B websites, Cloud telephony, social media Enquiry etc.

Then after the Exquiry is successfully captured, Software should have status change functionality with Allocation feature, where we will be able to allocate the job to agent or sales person. Thereafter after processing, the stage of the lead will be updated as customer.

Interested Products & Services 

Every business has Products or Services or Combination of both, CRM software should have  Products & Services Management Module. Every enquiry which lands into the system should have features that it can be associated with any interested product or service or both. Advantage of this function would be, the system will have information that which  enquiry was interested in which product or service.

Business Proposal & Quotation 

Today’s CRM industry is totally focused upon the marketing side, CRM should be powerful enough that it can generate Business Proposals as well as relevant quotations. Moreover they should be seamlessly integrate with the CRM communication module ie: Email, Whatsapp etc

Document Management & Client Communication 

Every Business process has communication & Set of documents associated with the client.  Today’s CRM should have capability to store & capture emails, communication, recordings, proposals, quotations, invoices, licescence keys etc.

Click To Call & Recording Management 

Cloud Telephone companies have a huge scope of getting into this area, because established companies can take a lead by giving a software solution to their existing customer. CRM has a Click to call feature, from where an agent or sales person initiates an outbound call and gets connected with the client, now there is a need for call logs to be integrated with the CRM. Hence this module should be powerful enough that it can be integrated with a mobile app, or a call can be initiated via internet/cloud telephony & viceversa.

Followup & Task  Management 

Easy follow up on Leads, the crm process should be so simple and user friendly.

CRM followup module should be able to integrate notifications on mobile app, email, webview & Google contacts. This Module should be thoroughly tested. 

Products & Services Management 

Every company either has products, services or a combination of both. Every CRM should be able to capture product & services offered details into the system, and should be fully customized.

User & Rights Management

There will be sales agents,managers & distributors or franchises in any business workflow,  CRM should be capable enough to give you access to create new users and give them rights based upons permission inside the CRM.

Third party API Integration 

There are various third party software’s like Cloud Telephony, B2B portals,  Social Media Plugins, Accounting Software & Various Forms on the website, CRM should be capable enough to integrate with all the systems..

Mobile App Or Responsiveness Feature 

Most of the time spent on software has been shifted from software to mobile apps, hence the first most important feature of CRM should be a Mobile App or atleast CRM should have a user friendly responsive view. In Sales most of the users spend time in the field, hence the motive is, they should be easily able to access the software.

Marketing Modules in CRM

Todays Crm’s are loaded with most of the Marketing techniques as mentioned (BULK Email Promotion, Bulk SMS Promotion, Bulk Voice promotion,  Promotion Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), WhatsApp Business Promotion, Facebook Promotion, Twitter Promotion, Linkedin Promotion, Landing Pages Promotion, Video Promotion)

Settings Module

This is the most powerful section or we call it as the core of the CRM, because the crm behaves as the inputs are entered in the system, Module in settings are:   Users & roles Settings, API Settings, Auto Allocation Module, Import Contacts / Enquiry/ Leads/ Customers Module etc.

AI & Machine Learning within CRM

CRM should be able to tell Health of Broken Configuration Throughout the CRM

CRM should be able to analysis sales in geo analysis

CRM should analyse Product Based Sales

CRM should analysis Services Based Sales

CRM should indicate customers probability to Upsell

Time Of The call

Follow Up status can be read to analysis the behaviour of the Customers

Response time analytics could help in training the response teams

 Implementing AI could save costs in the company.

AI could be used to prevent cybersecurity threats.

Reports Management 

This is the most important module of the CRM, This gives you access to your System Reports. Some of the basic reports should be: 

  • Sales funnel report 
  • Lead Conversion Report 
  • Source report 
  • Followup Report 
  • User Management Report 
  • Marketing campaign report (SMS, Email, Voice, whatsapp, social media)

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