Web Development: 5 Things You Should Know


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Web development refers to all the elements and processes needed to build a website. The importance of web development continues to grow, as the future of society is becoming inherently linked to the digital world. Businesses are fast adapting to this trend. They are now focusing on developing websites to attract more customers and improve their brand reputation.

There are billions of people using the internet around the world. The usage rate of the internet is predicted to continuously increase in the coming years. With this increase, the demand for web developers is also expected to grow as both the public and private sectors are engaging developers to build their websites. Check out this list of the essential aspects of web development.

1. Front-end Development

Front-end development refers to the development of the user interface. This is the part that the web visitor sees and navigates when they go to the website. Front-end development uses tools and languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All the components of front-end development contribute to a smooth user experience. These include the homepage, menu, contact page, and categories, among others.

Front-end developers build the foundation of the user interface and how it functions. Most front-end developers also have skills in web design; they can build the infrastructure and create the design of the website.

2. Back-end Development

Back-end development refers to the server-side of the website. This includes the server and databases that process and send data to the web visitor. The server sends the information when the visitor clicks on interlinks on the homepage. Once the server starts sending information, an application will channel the data. After which, the databases are responsible for arranging the data.

3. Full-stack Development

Full-stack development refers to both front-end and back-end development. When web development first started, developers would select which skills they wanted to learn for a certain part of the website. Now, full-stack developers can build the entire website because they possess the required skills to build both the user interface and the back-end. Hiring full-stack developers has an advantage as it can help businesses save on costs and ensure that their team of developers is working towards one direction for the website.

4. Skills Required

Building a website is a combination of simple and complex processes. Developers must be well-versed in several programming and scripting languages to build a smooth and efficient website. Web development is not only about the user interface or web design. The codes and programs built into the website allow it to function as intended.

At the top of the list of web development skills needed are the different programming languages. Non-technical skills are also important for web developers. Here is a list of the basic things that developers need to learn before building a website.

  • HTML/CSS – HTML is one of the most used front-end languages. It helps build the user interface with the use of tags that can create content and tables as well as embed media. CSS is also used in front-end development. It provides the visual interface of the web design to build a unique website.
  • Javascript – Javascript is one of the most popular scripting languages that can execute codes focused on interactive features, animations, and multimedia.
  • API – API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs work by managing data from third-party sources – these sources allow developers to use certain functions without needing to learn the original code.

Aside from learning these technical skills, web developers must possess non-technical qualities to help them build a better website. These skills include multitasking, collaboration, problem-solving, task prioritization, and time management.

5. Website Security and Data Protection

The website’s security relies on how protected the codes and databases are. Nowadays, there are many malicious threats to a website. These threats attempt to steal sensitive information or cause website servers to crash. Developers are pushed to build secure websites that can defend against cybersecurity threats. Multiple layers of data protection are often applied to strengthen the security of a website.

In terms of security, the data protection of users has also become a hot topic in recent years. With the onslaught of cybersecurity threats, websites need to ensure that user data collection is aligned with data privacy laws. Websites must clearly define privacy policies under these laws.

Final Word

Web development has become increasingly important in the modern world. With billions of people using the internet globally, there are always threats to a website’s sensitive information, making data security an essential consideration in web development. Before investing in web development, make sure that you have the right team of developers equipped with both technical and non-technical skills.

As businesses are scrambling to develop their websites, developers are tasked with building websites that are unique, interactive, and most of all, secure.

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