7 Things I Learned Growing A YouTube Channel From 20k Views To 4 Million Views In 6 Months

NikhIl Jadhav Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Video Marketer I started working with a Youtube channel called Sarphira this January(2019). Sarphira was creating ...
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Do you wish to multiply your income?

Do you wish to multiply your income? Classy as it may sound, money is not something that can be earned ...
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How Digital Marketing can help to market co-working space

Co-working spaces are gaining popularity in this world with growing start-ups and freelancers. And not just popularity, co-working spaces have ...
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All you need to know about the August Google Panda Update

Lately, the buzz in the SEO world has been about the latest Google algorithm update that was rolled out in ...
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Plagiarism – Is An Act Of Fraud

What is Plagiarism ? Plagiarism is an act of Fraud – i.e copying/stealing someone’s work/content or borrowing someone’s original ideas/thoughts ...
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Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing: Which One Is Better?

      Every business firms struggle with deciding whether to go with traditional marketing or to go with digital ...
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Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry - Digiyug

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

Digital Marketing is now evolving rapidly every day. Digital Marketing has settled well in almost all major industries, has become ...
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Reasons you should do Social Media Marketing - Digiyug

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for business

Nowadays social media has become one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Social Media Marketing provides magnificent benefits ...
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Top Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startups in Healthcare

The impact of blockchain is no longer a matter of imagination and science fiction. Tech behemoths such as IBM have ...
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