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PK Vats & Co. is a team of Qualified Chartered Accountants in Dwarka, actively engaged in full service of Accounting and GST with the best CA in Dwarka.
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How to check if PAN and Aadhaar are linked and its Importance
Let us first understand, why is it really important to link Aadhar with PAN, on or before 31st March 2023?

Following are the troubles, that may arise, if PAN and Aadhar are not linked

PAN will become inoperative
Income Tax Return can not be filed
Higher rate of TDS or TCS would apply, since the PAN is inoperational
Even the Higher TDS or TCS, that have been deducted or collected, would not be made availble in Form 26AS and benefit of the same would not be available
Declaration in Form 15G/15H could not be made
No New Bank Account can be opened
No New Debit or Credit Card will be issued
Will not be able to buy mutual fund in excess of Rs. 50,000/-
Single Fixed Deposit of more than 50,000/- can not be made
Small Fixed Deposit less than 50,000/- can be made but subject to maximum limit of 2,50,000/- annually
Will not be able to buy Jewellery in excess of Rs. 2,00,000/-
Investors in Stock Market will be barred from sale and purchase of shares, because non linking of PAN and Aadhar will be considered as KYC issue

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