WordPress security is a main focus area for website owners. Every week, Google blacklists around 20,000 or more websites for malware and phishing.

If your serious about your business and website, then you should focus on how to secure your worpdress website.

Here are the steps you should follow to secure your website :

Keeping WordPress Updated: WordPress is regularly maintained and updated by their team. By default, WordPress automatically installs minor/small updates. But For major releases, you need to manually update the wordpress. And you should regularly update your website to prevent it from hackers.

Strong Passwords and User Permissions: Hackers first attempt is through stolen passwords. Always use strong passwords using password generator to protect your website from hackers. Not just for WordPress admin password, but also for FTP, database password, WordPress hosting account ect, and your professional email address as well.

Change the Default “admin” username : Always change the default WordPress admin username was “admin” to something related to your project or something you can easily remember which will help you to secure your website.

Disable File Editing : Once you are done with completion of your project, then disable file editing so that hackers cannot modify your website if by chance the are able to login to website .You can easily do this just by adding the following code in your wp-config.php

// Disallow file edit
define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

Limit Login Attempts : By default wordpress allow users to attempt login as many as times they want. But you can limit the login attempts to prevent brute force attack by hackers. There are many plugins available to restrict the login attempts.

Change WordPress Database Prefix: By default, WordPress uses wp_ as the prefix for all tables in your database, which makes it easier for hackers to guess what your table name is. This is why we recommend changing it before you start your project.

Security Measures to Protect Servers and Data from Hackers

There are many security measures to protect servers and data from hackers but to choose the right one is the most important. Especially when you start a business website whether it’s an e-commerce website or a static website, a secured server is a primary concern of everyone.
To run a fully functional application/website, your server should be secure enough to handle the traffic. helps you protect your server in following ways :

  • Update your kernel and OS :

    Make sure the server you are using, is having current and updated softwares. Always Use the stable version which has been tested more than any beta version available. An old kernel can lead to an easy target for virus, that can harm your server.

  • Monitor Logs :

    Do you have any clue what are log records ? How often are they updated and rotated? LogWatch is a tool, which will email you all the daily reports of your server’s activities that includes anything it determines unusual, eg: repeated failed logins. You should also manually check the logs to keep an eye.

  • Backups :

    People spend hundreds of hours on website but usually forget to take backups which is the most important thing.There are two ways you can save your data :CyberLaws - Manage wordpress backups from plugins

    • Manual Backup : You can use a seperate hard disk for keeping your data secure or you can keep your application/website data on remote system and should regularly keep a check on the backup.
    • WordPress website : If your are using wordpress CMS then you can install following plugins to take automatic backups
      ⦁ BackupBuddy
      ⦁ UpdraftPlus
      ⦁ BackWPUp
      ⦁ BackUpWordPress

    For more wordpress security tips

  • Limit Access to a Minimum :

    Never give more access to your user, than they require.Never give them access to shell, restrict file access to a minimum and leave other services turned off by default until requested, and if your are doing through wordpress then you can use free plugins to limit access to your website. Restricted Site AccessCyberLaws - Limit login access plugin for wordpress

  • Lock down the PHP versions and use Mod_Security with Apache :

    PHP, a server scripting language is always at large security risk, but there are a few steps to do that helps lock it down. CGI has Suexec,which helps to runs processes as the user,and PHP has something similar called PHPSuexec but with downfalls. You should always use open_base directory protection, have safe_mode on system wide, turn off register_globals, enable_dl and allow_url_open to help lock things down.

  • Review Processes Running and Remove Extra Software :

    You can’t protect a system until and unless you don’t know what’s on it. If a hacker adds a script or an extra process, then you will not be able to identify why your server is not should know what all processes are running on your system and who all users are there.cyberlaws-server and data security measures

  • Use a Firewall :

    You should always make sure the your server has firewall running all the time. A firewall is like a screen door to your house. If someone tries to get into your server, which is very likely to happen anytime, the first thing they’re going to try is, to upload something unusual stuff or their own service like redirecting to some other server. A firewalls can stop both incoming and outgoing attacks/viruses even when you’re are sleeping. We would recommend using APF on Linux systems or TinyFirewall on Windows Servers.

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