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Digital Marketing and Cyber Security Risk?

Digital marketing has now take cover the conventional marketing techniques. A digital marketing campaign involves, content writing, content marketing, and its promotion through social media, email marketing and customer relationship management. To fulfil all these requirements a lot of planning, time, effort and teamwork is required to produce great results.

However, this is essential for digital marketers to include cyber security measures to defend their IT assets, in order to make their digital marketing campaign successful as expected.

In a nutshell, cyber security is a major concern among digital marketers. Neglecting cyber security in digital marketing may result to drastic consequences on everything from a digital marketing firm‘s bottom line, to unsatisfied clientele, to endangering the online public at large.

There are vital points which the digital marketing firms should know in order to overcome cyber security challenges in digital marketing. To help keep digital marketers up-to-date with the latest security concerns online, we have gathered the following list of safety sore spots that they are likely to come across during work.

Common Cyber Security Mistakes done by Digital Marketers

Irrespective of the size of your brand or company, if you’ve presence, there’s a possibility you’ll experience a security breach. Digital marketers are not immune to this. In fact, since digital marketing acquired a broad audience, the risk has become higher. It’s crucial that digital marketers should stay up-to-date with the latest security concerns. Few common mistakes are:

  • Not considering importance of cyber security in digital marketing.
  • Revealing too much information(sometimes critical data) to the client while sharing the data
  • Using weak passwords for digital marketing and social media accounts
  • Clicking to malicious links and websites while sharing the data.
  • Not updating their Word press or websites for common security threats.
  • Not taking data backups on regular basis for the contingencies.
  • Copying and sharing malicious links to clients.
  • Not taking any formal and informal cyber security training.
  • Not considering encryption like techniques while storing and sharing critical data.

Methods to overcome Cyber Security Challenges in Digital Marketing

Follow and Work with Cyber Security Firms

Digital Marketers should keep in touch with online Cyber Security firms to know about security-related issues. One can take professional help to find out the existing vulnerabilities in their systems. Digital Marketers can work with security firms on a regular basis to ensure their marketing solutions uphold all current safety standards.

Digital Marketing firms can get acquainted with online security firms by interacting with the right people from the industry. This will without a doubt give savvy marketers an edge over their competitors, by providing better information on potential risks of a given marketing strategy.

Update your Word press Updates

Word Press is the most frequent website used by Digital Marketers, and the most accessible means of attack for a hacker is to exploit outdated software components of such a site. Using out-of-date versions of themes, plugins and core site components is similar to leaving the front door of your house unlocked.

Digital Marketers would have noticed that in last couple of years, applications are downloading software updates all the time. This is generally to patch the unintended security loopholes security teams find in Word Press like applications. Thus, Digital Marketers using such applications should take care to update their software as soon frequently as possible. One can also enable auto updates in order to ensure your Word press remains updated date every time

User Account Management

User account Management is a critical part of digital marketing, since marketers sometimes get special user accounts to manage particular site features. It is very important to this in a responsible manner. Cyber threats often come from compromised user accounts, and since digital marketer accounts often have higher permissions, they pose a higher security risk.

Therefore websites owners should always lookout for suspicious user behaviour, including excessive access requests, changes in account information, daily downloads, etc. A digital marketer working for a website should try to access it from a single IP address, as access attempts from different IPs can be interpreted as a sign of suspicious behaviour

Use encrypted Email Marketing services

If any unauthorized user or hacker, logs in to an email account in a fraudulent way, they can send spam, virus infections and phishing emails to your contacts. And as ISPs and web search engines have highly active spam filters, they can blacklist your email ids which can put a ‘full stop’ on your email marketing future.

So, digital marketing firms should use software that will provide monitoring and security for their email messaging service through encryption. Also, a security audit from time to time should be done to keep your email system safe and secure from unwanted intrusions.

Implementing Password Management Policy

Having a good password policy and adhering its will definitely be helpful in digital marketers. Such polices will compel the digital marketers for using strong passwords and changing it on regular time intervals. Strong passwords are difficult to crack and less susceptible to guessing.

Secure your CRM adequately

A CRM(Customer Relationship Management) helps in building a strong relationship with your customers with an ease. So using a SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, like HTTPS  on the website helps in keeping the data transfer in an encrypted form which makes it hard for unauthorized user and hackers to snoop into the access. Also, ensure that your CRM systems have strict data security policies in place for the staff while accessing sensitive data.

Handling Transaction Data Securely

Customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information), such as payment data is lucrative prospect for hackers, that’s why e-commerce websites are constantly being attacked

Viruses and malware are usually the culprit behind these attacks, so it is essential to have everyone working for the site acquainted with the proper anti- virus and anti-malware measures.

An additional layer of encryption should be used for files, that contains transaction data, ensuring that even in the event of a security breach, the compromised data will not be accessed by hacker or unauthorized person.

Social Media Marketing Security

Sometimes digital marketers share data irresponsibly over social media, which can invite trouble and might also grab the attention of hackers. It may also lead to a situation where the social media accounts are hijacked to spread malicious posts or fraudulent and embarrassing info that can spoil your online reputation.

So, digital marketing firms should establish a security policy for their social media activity like using strong passwords, preventing spams, blocking phishing scams, and avoiding suspicious add-ons or apps that may disburse malware.

Always give social media access to trusted employees and educate them on how to act responsibly and lessen risks. This will help in keeping the social media marketing campaigns safe from cyber threats.

Cyber Security is one of the most neglected thing in any online business and this includes digital marketing. By identifying what the threats are, what kind of damage they can do, and how to mitigate those threats is essential for succeeding in the business, so digital marketers should take special steps to work on the latest cyber security trends.

Co-working spaces are gaining popularity in this world with growing start-ups and freelancers. And not just popularity, co-working spaces have also grabbed an irreplaceable status among the entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and SMEs because who wouldn’t love to have an energetic workplace to spend the maximum part of their day in. And the aroma of coffee is just the cherry on the top. No surprise that many people now prefer co-working spaces over the regular monotomous offices. Apart from the great facilities co-working spaces are light on the pocket as well where one pays according to the need of space.

With the increasing popularity, many co-working spaces have sprung up in tier I and some of the tier II cities.In order to survive in this competition, co-working spaces need to grab their space and audience in the market. One can leverage the power of digital marketing to market their co-working space and reach potential customers.

There are many ways to build and use the digital space to market co-working spaces. Here is the step by step guide on how to market your co-working space digitally.

Google My Business

First of all, in order to create a presence in digital space, you need to list your co-working space business on Google My Business. Along with the aesthetic pictures of your co-working space and the contact information for your potential customers it also provides you with an authentic badge in the suspicious internet world.


Secondly, you can also create your website where you put out the detailed information, photos as well as the pricing for the co-working space. Your website can provide personalized feeling to potential clients by providing them with customized plans as per need or a form where the user fills in his/her details to get a call for more information.


The next step would be to establish your reputation in this niche. Get the reviews on google from your existing customers. Reviews are a reality check & trust building factor for potential customers.

Social Media Accounts

Also maintain social media page for your co-working space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin depending on which platform your target audience is engaged on mostly. Keep the social platform account responsive to any customer queries, comments or issues and also try to get reviews on your social media platforms as well. Getting customer feedbacks and testimonials and sharing them on your social media platforms could be one way to build audience engagement as well as a reputation for your brand. Also, share the real-time images of your co-working space on your social media accounts so that your potential customers could grasp everything your co-working space has to offer. You can also ask your customers to share your social account posts among their peers. This will grow your reach as well as business more organically with minimum investment.

SEO Ranking

Try to rank your website or social accounts for the relevant keywords, the keywords your target customer might search on google or any other search engine. Maintain good quality and authentic content for your website as well as other accounts on digital space and try to get organic traffic to your website by performing good SEO practices.

SEM & Ad Campaigns

After all the things mentioned above now is the time to try for google ads or run ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These Ads are really powerful as they appear in the results when people are actually searching for co-working spaces in some areas. Also, the ad campaigns on social media allow you to target the audience depending on the characteristics you think your potential customers might have such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small companies etc.

All these combined together will create a great digital marketing plan for marketing the co-working spaces to reach the right customers and grow your business.

     Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Every business firms struggle with deciding whether to go with traditional marketing or to go with digital marketing. But the decision is important to be taken to keep the main motive in mind to earn maximum profit.

Let’s make a decision

Traditional Marketing: The best example to explain traditional marketing is newspapers and magazine ads, flyers, Tv or Radio ads etc.

Digital Marketing: Building a website, advertising on social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

  1. You can reach your target local audience: For example, a newspaper ad might be distributed in a particular area, city or region.  
  2. The materials can be kept: The targeted audience can carry your advertisement’s hard copy and can read it anywhere they want over and over again.
  3. It’s easy to understand: The print media is easily understood by any age group as it has been used overages.

The Downside to Traditional Marketing

  1. With the use of print media, there is very little interaction between the company and the customers. It’s more like just telling them about the brand name
  2. It is more costly when it comes to print or radio advertisement. As printing material will be costly additional to that you have to hire a person to distribute those.
  3. The Results on traditional marketing strategy cannot easily be measured as you cannot judge that how many people read or listened to your advertisement.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Easily target the right audience: In Digital Marketing you can target the local audience but also the international audience. Even you can tailor the campaign to specific audience demographics, such as gender, age, interest, and location
  2. An audience has a choice that how they want to receive your content. Digital marketing has many ways to represent the content like Blog Post, you tube video etc but in traditional marketing, the audience doesn’t have a choice other than flyers or incoming call etc.
  3. Digital marketing is cost-efficient. Though there is the option of investing in paid ads online; however, the cost is of those ads are still cheaper as compared to traditional marketing.
  4. Data and results are easily recorded. With the use of Google Analytics and the various insights tools offered by most the social media channels, we can analyze our campaigns at any time.

How to use Both Digital & Traditional Marketing

Our traditional marketing methods can support our digital marketing efforts. We can invest in both at the same time like spreading the flyers or pamphlets along with mentioning the social media accounts and website details.

Digital Marketing is now evolving rapidly every day. Digital Marketing has settled well in almost all major industries, has become a major source of marketing product and services online. Digital Marketing has overcome the power of traditional marketing techniques and now its been used in almost every industry like Food, travel, healthcare, IT.

How Digital Marketing is Affecting Healthcare Industry:

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Those businesses who use search engine marketing along with social media marketing get more business then there competitors. Digital Marketing helps businesses to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines which leads in getting better visitors. Better google ranking means better visibility to potential customers.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is yet another main strength of digital marketing which has gained exposure. Social media marketing helps in keeping regular updates of your business to reach customers and give them new offers and services.
  3. Email Marketing: By Email Marketing, we mean dropping an email to the people by providing them with some offer or making awareness about some disease or by providing hospital details.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry - Digiyug

How Digital Marketing used in the Healthcare Industry:

In the future of the healthcare industry, there are many recent additions with a mix of products and services to help doctor, physician or pharma company.

Local SEO –– local SEO has replaced our Yellow Pages. This search-based methodology of finding local businesses is especially important for doctors and physicians to locate the clinic/hospital.  People can easily find the location/contact details and address of clinic and hospital easily through search engines.

Online Payment Acceptance: Through online payment, doctors can accept payment from anywhere in the world. They just to provide the account no. and within a few minutes, they can get the fees from the patients.

Online Selling of medicine: It has been so easy to sell medicines online just by seeing the prescription of the patients. Doctors can courier the medicine and take advance payment as well for the same

360-Degree Photos and Video Tours –– Just Imagine being able to experience a 360-degree tour of your office along with photos and videos to any of the patient/Guardian.  Hospitals/clinics owners can generate a 360-degree view of their clinic/hospitals by using apps like Street View or Google Camera and then can share with patients.

Live Stream Videos –– Doctors and now communicate with their patients while sitting away from them by using live video stream and in fact can share their live videos on social media platforms.


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