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I started working with a Youtube channel called Sarphira this January(2019). Sarphira was creating comedy sketches around our daily life, I felt the content was really good but the traffic they were driving even after uploading some 15 videos back to back consistently was low, like really low.


This is what I was looking at two weeks in January. I was looking at a channel which has good content, which is consistent and is breaking their bone creating every video but barely getting any traction. The only question I had was where f#@k is my traffic?

In my first two weeks I vigorously tested for traffic, for content, for thumbnail, for niche and for relevant tags by making them upload very different videos back to back. The two spikes you see above are those uploads, Then in the third week I had a rough idea of what was going on , what will actually work and get us good traffic. And we uploaded one more video, It blasted, did 100k in a day!



Something worked, but what? so, I went in more deep and ran three more tests, one got me average traffic, one got barely anything and the third did the first million in three weeks of it’s upload date. I am not kidding, I have attached the screen shot below, check it.

I will tell you exactly what I learned working with Sarphira and helping them grow from 20k views to 4m views for next six months. First thing I learned was:

1. Understand Your Traffic

Understand what your traffic is watching, understand the most important difference between Google and Youtube, With Google you’ll grow fast if your content is unique in your niche while for Youtube you grow if you create content on basis of where “Your” traffic is heading, I will elaborate on that using a video we created around “Holi”, Indian festival of colors. Honestly, it was prediction that we were going to get good traffic for the Holi video.

How did we know that? We checked, how? using Google Trends, how? I will show you.


I went on google trends, searched for Holi keyword and checked when does the keyword starts gaining traction and how much traffic does it gain. Holi was on 2nd March in 2018 and Holi keyword started gaining crazy traction from 25th Feb. 2018 to 3rd March 2018 on Youtube, 25th March was 1 week prior Holi in 2018.

So, to gain good traction all I had to do was place my video under Holi keyword atleast 10 days prior, as we used to upload video on every alternate thursday, we had to upload on 14th March 2019 as Holi was on 21st March this year. What was the result? Check it for yourself!


2. Stop Sharing With Your Friends

But Why? Just imagine if all your traffic is just your friends? Yes, that’s definitely a good thing, you have good friend, now think of it this way, are you actually getting any traffic from youtube organically? Probably yes or probably no, how can you know it for sure? Eliminate all unpredictable factors from the equation. Yes, stop sharing with any unpredictable traffic source (including your friends & family).

3. Always Keep Your Eye On Your Analytics

This is the biggest mistake I made since we started gaining good traction. I did not track analytics for one of our recent video and guess what? I lost on a huge traffic bump, what exactly do I mean by keep a keen eye on your analytics?


Look at the above analytics, I recorded this a week after we uploaded this video. I was not checking it on regular basis, only if I had checked it we would have leverage on that major traffic bump. The conversion was barely 5% when I checked, I figured out what was the problem and the video blasted like crazy. I changed a few tags and changed the thumbnail. Look at it now!


4. Change The Thumbnail If Your Video Is Not Getting Traffic

With the above video the problem was the thumbnail. The Content Manager in Sarphira uploaded the video with a thumbnail which was not clear enough and we lost the game.

When we made the thumbnail change the traffic blasted, it grew five times faster.

5. Don’t Go Overboard With Tags

I have seen many accounts (even Sarphira) using tags which are totally irrelevant to the content they have created. I can understand why you may want to use all of the 500 characters but don’t do that, keep it focused on your content, your channel and your genre.

I will show an example from one good Youtuber called Vanessa Lau who grew really fast in the influencer niche. I haven’t seen any account yet who has more focused tags on their videos than her. Even my tags aren’t that focused majority of times, check out how she uses tags below and try as close as you can to follow what she does.

Look at her tags, she is ranking on every one of them and all of her tags are way focused than the tags you will find on any average video. I believe that is the only reason why she has grown her channel from 30k to 86k in mere 5 months. (the plugin I used to see her tags is called VidIQ, its free)

6. Your Description Matters

You might or might not have noticed this, the description is one of the way Youtube filters you content for the keywords you are trying to rank for. I will show you an example:

If you see the words I have highlighted, all of them are highlighted by Youtube too. Why? Because youtube has used the words in the description and matched it with my search query and then delivered them to me in search result. Use this tip to your advantage but again don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing, keep it subtle but don’t forget to include your keywords in the description.

7. Consistency Don’t Matter

Yes, It doesn’t. It might be hard for you to believe me on this one because majority of the big name on internet go hard on being consistent and uploading on a specified time and repeating it. But consistency drives traffic is the biggest myth for youtube, consistency don’t matter, I have uploaded in morning, at night, in afternoon and even in midnight at times. The traction I got for each video was totally irrespective of time. There was once when we didn’t upload for two weeks still the next video we uploaded got us around 8k subs. So, don’t break your bone and make a hole in your pocket in being consistent, trust me on this one consistency don’t matter. Create good content around where there is more traffic you ll grow leaps and bounds.

I hope this pushes you guys to either start a start Youtube Channel or helps you to scale on Youtube Faster. Let me know if this helps you, cheers!

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When people think of shared coworking spaces, the image that comes to our mind includes freelancers or solo-entrepreneurs, but the fact is startup teams or even big business are also moving towards shared working environments.
Now, the commercial offices are transforming into new and more collaborative workspace design architecture and now many of the businesses and even enterprises are feeding the demand for #coworking trends.

‘Workplace for future’, ‘Alternate office’ or ‘flexible offices’ – these are many synonyms of coworking shared spaces. It started a few decades ago as an innovative solution for freelancers and young startups have now become a #trending thing. According to the latest research, more than 1 million companies have started using coworking spaces for their business operations.
There is a shift towards enterprising moving towards coworking spaces such as tuition centers, research labs, or satellite office, etc

Let’s dash into some of the values that ingenious startups get from working out of shared coworking workspaces.

#1 Shared Offices Encourage More Connections with fellow workers, Which Also Increases Productivity of business:

One of the most fascinating facts of coworking shared space is that you can meet people of different interests, different mindsets, different culture, etc., which can help you grow as you can get new ideas or new thought for any kind of a problem. You can also grow your team by connecting with people around you, there are freelancers who are also using coworking spaces for their work, or you can grow your business by connecting with other business owners who are using that space along with you. You can also call other fellow members of shared space to your product launch which in returns helps to get more productivity to your business.

#2 Look the Part with a well Equipped Space that Impresses Clients, Job Candidates, and Investors:

when you are in the first few years of major growth activities of your business, then having a professional meeting/conference space is required. Coworking spaces raised popularity because they understood how much it is important to have a well-structured office for meeting up your clients or investors.
Having the right ambiance and the right environment is the key to business success. As bringing investors or clients to clean, fully-equipped with modern technology, a conference room with a whiteboard and round table and stylish office with good interior can build trust and confidence.
This Might help you get a handsome amount of funding for your startup or your business. Moreover, this attracts the youth to join your company as you have such a healthy environment around you.

#3 Take Advantage of Low-Commitment with High Convenience:

Most of the coworking shared spaces offer monthly, daily or hourly memberships with amenities such as high-speed wi-fi facility, free tea/coffee, meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, printer facilities, etc, hence helps you in keeping your business overhead costs to a minimum. You can even customize your package as per your requirements like you know you do not need a conference room or tea/coffee services then you can go for customized services as well.

Big Businesses are also using coworking spaces as they don’t have to manage anything of their own such as a power cut off, wifi bills, Tea/coffee bills, fixed tenure agreement, etc. They can completely focus on their business and can make it a huge success.



#4 Innovation options for your Business:

Coworking shared spaces also provide an exhilarating environment to innovate and harness their creativity. Tech & IT companies are always in an infinite “war for talent” situation. Finding the right and topmost talent is an extremely difficult part. Individual factors such as the working place and other benefits can make a huge difference.
By providing the coworking shared space for their employee, staff can decide exactly how, where and when they choose to work, ultimately helping in increasing the productivity, morale and also encourage the innovation out of the box from the team.

Coworking work culture represents a modern lifestyle, which attracts the young and energetic generation. Nowadays companies want energetic and innovate people who can think beyond the way normal people think. When you do not have to worry about anything around you can focus on your work in a more efficient way.

Do you wish to multiply your income? Classy as it may sound, money is not something that can be earned only with hard work. As the saying goes, “Let money work for you rather than work those hated extra hours, to add a little more to your pocket.” I believe these lines to be absolutely true, when it comes to making right investment choices, tailored specifically to meet your financial goals. In finance, right investment choices are termed as an evenly balanced portfolio. Now you may ask: What’s a portfolio? In easy terms, it is a collection of all your money/ savings, divided into proportions of the amount you invest in each type of financial products- stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc.

It’s basically a risk minimizing structure, designed to overcome misfortunes or economic failure. Let this line explain you better: Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Because if the basket tumbles, you are at a huge risk of breaking them all. Likewise, putting all your money in one type of financial product, could make you lose it all. Also, as I stated in my previous article, every investment option carries certain level of risk with it and you should always consider it, while taking your decision. Having said that, I know, how eagerly you must be rolling down your eyes, searching for those strategies, that will answer the question I quoted above! Well search no further.

Do you wish to multiply your income?









Here are top 5 strategies/financial products you should park your money in and “enjoy the beauty of compounded returns”  (Disclaimer: These strategies are long term in nature and only give a general view of  some of the best financial products- with taxation benefits*) 

Mutual Funds: Investing your money in a mutual fund, could turn out to be the best source of generating long term profits. With a risk factor varying from high to medium, the right way to participate in this type of investment class is through a SIP (Systematic investment plan), under which you are required to invest a standard minimum amount of Rs 500 (on a monthly basis). There’s no upper bar as to the amount you can invest and it solely depends on your capacity. Mutual funds, especially the ones focused on equity are known to even generate a compounded return of nearly 20% in a 5 years time.

Here are top 5 strategies/financial products you should park your money in and “enjoy the beauty of compounded returns”  (Disclaimer: These strategies are long term in nature and only give a general view of  some of the best financial products- with taxation benefits*) 

Do you wish to multiply your income?








1.      Mutual Funds: Investing your money in a mutual fund, could turn out to be the best source of generating long term profits. With a risk factor varying from high to medium, the right way to participate in this type of investment class is through a SIP (Systematic investment plan), under which you are required to invest a standard minimum amount of Rs 500 (on a monthly basis). There’s no upper bar as to the amount you can invest and it solely depends on your capacity. Mutual funds, especially the ones focused on equity are known to even generate a compounded return of nearly 20% in a 5 years time.

2.      In general, there are various types of mutual funds, which are managed by experienced fund managers, meaning your only job is to invest and the asset management company’s job is to manage it and reap good returns for you. Most important things to look out in a mutual fund scheme is the rate of return it is offering, the experience/ credibility of the manager who’s in charge of your funds and the net asset value of the chosen scheme. From taxation view point: Equity-linked Saving schemes (ELSS) are considered to be the most effective tax-saving instrument under section 80C, allowing you to save long term capital gains/ earnings (i.e,exceeding 12 months) uptoRs 1 lakh

3.      National Pension Scheme: NPS is one of themost trustworthy and best low-risk investment scheme backed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). With no minimum limit for making an investment, this investment class offers a diversified portfolio in equity, fixed deposits, corporate bonds, liquid funds, etc. This investment option is a good way to secure your retirement life, especially when you aren’t that good at personally allocating assets for your future needs. Under NPS, there are different classes of investments, and just to make you aware of the returns it offers you, I am quoting the current on-going compounded returns of Class E funds: 1 year return: 9.5%, 3 year return:8.5% and 5 year return:11%. From taxation view point, NPS qualifies under  section 80C80CCC, and 80CCD, where you can save whooping Rs 1.5 lakh every year. Tax deduction doesn’t end there. Under Section 80CCD(1B) an additional amount of Rs 50,000 can be saved.  Furthermore, under section 80CCD(2) if your income is in the high tax bracket, you can ask your employer to contribute 10% of your salary, without you having to do any effort for the investment sake. Sounds fair enough?

Do you wish to multiply your income?







a.      Public Provident Fund: Considered one of the best risk averse mean of multiplying your income, a PPF account can be opened via approaching a bank or even at a local post office. Backed by the government of India, it serves as a long term savings fund with an impressive rate of return, currently at 8%, which compounds annually. Annual deposit limit for investment is Rs 500 at minimum and Rs 1,50,000 at maximum. Generally the tenure of this scheme is 15 years, which can be further extended to 5 years.

b.      However an early withdrawal after the 7th year of opening an account can also be made. You are even entitled to avail a loan of 25% from the balance of  your PPF. But I don’t recommend it, as the interest rates charged on it is generally 2% higher than the prevailing rate of a normal loan. However, the best thing about this fund is the unmatched tax benefit. The compounded interest rate that you earn on this fund is absolutely tax free, which means the amount you will normally collect after 15 years, will go straight into your pocket.

However an early withdrawal after the 7th year of opening an account can also be made. You are even entitled to avail a loan of 25% from the balance of  your PPF. But I don’t recommend it, as the interest rates charged on it is generally 2% higher than the prevailing rate of a normal loan. However, the best thing about this fund is the unmatched tax benefit. The compounded interest rate that you earn on this fund is absolutely tax free, which means the amount you will normally collect after 15 years, will go straight into pocket your pocket.


Do you wish to multiply your income?







4.      Gold/ Gold ETF: Gold is one of the oldest investment class, that has existed for centuries, even before the financial system was established. In India, the love for Gold is no secret. A little heavy on the pocket, owning gold is a necessity, if you wish to reduce the risk factor from your portfolio. Unlike other financial products, the value of gold is far less volatile (fluctuating in nature) and the rule of time value of money isn’t applicable over it, meaning when the inflation rate is on the rise, gold has shown a track record of appreciating in value, unlike fiat money which shows a trend of depreciation in value. This positive trait of gold, can be used as a hedge, whenever the economic condition of the  country dingles over a long period of time. Talking about the ownership, people often find it uncomfortable to store gold bars and coins at their homes, in fear of theft and therefore use bank vault facility, adding further cost. To breakthrough this, financial technology has come up with a modern way to own gold- Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Funds). Gold ETF is a commodity stock, which trades on the stock market like any other normal stock, with the only difference that it represents the real time value of gold as an underlying asset, meaning you are the owner of your gold, but only in papers. This type of asset has two benefits:

a) It allows you to own gold without the hassle of possessing it in physical form.

b) It is far more a liquid asset than real gold, meaning it can be easily bought and sold on the stock exchange anytime, generating cash-flows for you instantly. The investment cost is comparatively a little less in Gold ETF, as compared to that in buying physical gold. The current price of 10 grams of gold is around Rs. 34,110 with a daily price variation of around Rs. 100.

5.  Cryptocurrencies: A completely new  asset class, still under constant technological development, cryptocurrencies are the future of the finance industry. Thanks to the blockchain powered technology,enabling peer to peer transactions, meaning you will soon be able to transfer funds from your personally owned account to another, without the need of any intermediary (bank). This will give you complete ownership over your funds and its movement. But hey, this article is not dedicated to crypto, so lets limit our approach to the investment part only.

In the year 2011, the cost of 1 unit of Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency to ever release) was around $0.31 meaning if you purchased around 100 units of it, that would have amounted to a mere investment of $31 equivalent to Rs 2,137.58 only. The next thing I am about to tell, might make you stand on your toes. On December 11, 2017, the value of one unit of Bitcoin shot as high as $ 17,549.67, meaning if you held your investment for only 7 years, you would be sitting on a net worth of $17,54,967 ($1.7 million) without spending any extra penny. Yes you read that right, you would have been a millionaire! However, the value depreciated again falling to $ 3,895.63 (current market value). Highly volatile in nature, this asset class is only for those having a high risk appetite and good funding. However in India, the use of digital money is still illegal, but that doesn’t mean we should be sitting ducks and not look beyond the potential crypto has to offer in the near future. Today, there are many types of cryptocurrencies, with new ones launching every year including the JPM coin, released this year, by the international banking giant JP Morgan Chase. Currently, the most well knowncryptos are Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash other than Bitcoin itself.

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Co-working spaces are gaining popularity in this world with growing start-ups and freelancers. And not just popularity, co-working spaces have also grabbed an irreplaceable status among the entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and SMEs because who wouldn’t love to have an energetic workplace to spend the maximum part of their day in. And the aroma of coffee is just the cherry on the top. No surprise that many people now prefer co-working spaces over the regular monotomous offices. Apart from the great facilities co-working spaces are light on the pocket as well where one pays according to the need of space.

With the increasing popularity, many co-working spaces have sprung up in tier I and some of the tier II cities.In order to survive in this competition, co-working spaces need to grab their space and audience in the market. One can leverage the power of digital marketing to market their co-working space and reach potential customers.

There are many ways to build and use the digital space to market co-working spaces. Here is the step by step guide on how to market your co-working space digitally.

Google My Business

First of all, in order to create a presence in digital space, you need to list your co-working space business on Google My Business. Along with the aesthetic pictures of your co-working space and the contact information for your potential customers it also provides you with an authentic badge in the suspicious internet world.


Secondly, you can also create your website where you put out the detailed information, photos as well as the pricing for the co-working space. Your website can provide personalized feeling to potential clients by providing them with customized plans as per need or a form where the user fills in his/her details to get a call for more information.


The next step would be to establish your reputation in this niche. Get the reviews on google from your existing customers. Reviews are a reality check & trust building factor for potential customers.

Social Media Accounts

Also maintain social media page for your co-working space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin depending on which platform your target audience is engaged on mostly. Keep the social platform account responsive to any customer queries, comments or issues and also try to get reviews on your social media platforms as well. Getting customer feedbacks and testimonials and sharing them on your social media platforms could be one way to build audience engagement as well as a reputation for your brand. Also, share the real-time images of your co-working space on your social media accounts so that your potential customers could grasp everything your co-working space has to offer. You can also ask your customers to share your social account posts among their peers. This will grow your reach as well as business more organically with minimum investment.

SEO Ranking

Try to rank your website or social accounts for the relevant keywords, the keywords your target customer might search on google or any other search engine. Maintain good quality and authentic content for your website as well as other accounts on digital space and try to get organic traffic to your website by performing good SEO practices.

SEM & Ad Campaigns

After all the things mentioned above now is the time to try for google ads or run ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These Ads are really powerful as they appear in the results when people are actually searching for co-working spaces in some areas. Also, the ad campaigns on social media allow you to target the audience depending on the characteristics you think your potential customers might have such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small companies etc.

All these combined together will create a great digital marketing plan for marketing the co-working spaces to reach the right customers and grow your business.

The Future of Co-working - Digiyug

Co-working spaces are now becoming too much popular among small and big organizations. As we are moving towards a modern and fast economy the coworking spaces are becoming more trending as they are affordable for those who are looking for a flexible working style.

Offering your tenants/customers a flexible coworking space should be your main goal if you are thinking of opening a coworking space as shared offices are now increasing the popularity amongst youth because of flexibility.

Basically, co-working spaces are part of the future non-standardized form of employment where we have flexible timing, working environment, and endless opportunities to meet new people.

5 Reasons Co-working Spaces Are Now  The Way Of The Future


Unlike traditional office spaces, co-working space offers massive flexibility to the employees and other people in the organization as it allows one to choose between an array of options for buying the membership. One can choose to rent a space for a month,3 months or a year depending upon the requirement without paying any penalty he/she can leave space anytime he wants by informing the owner

Most of the trending plans for coworking spaces have a membership option with internet access, daily access and so on.  


Renting an office space for a whole year can be expensive for those who keep on for business purpose. But if you using a coworking space then you can easily travel without spending too much money and will also get the facilities for smooth of your business. The main reason for especially startups and small business are moving towards co-working spaces is to do cost cutting.

Benefits of coworking space

#Networking Opportunities:

Earlier to grow business you have to do by giving a business card at a roundtable corporate events but now the new trend of marketing is focussed on growing real relationships. Coworking spaces provide most affordable networking opportunities by spending monthly and meeting new people every day.

Most coworking spaces provide monthly meetups event so that it helps everyone to meet and grow more business by people working around them.

#Amazing Amenities:

Coworking spaces offer their members an amazing amenities at pocket-friendly prices. Few of the amenities are listed below :

  • Reliable and high-speed internet
  • Conference room for meetings
  • Printer access
  • Coffee vending machines etc

These all amenities depend upon the place to place.

#Productivity Benefits:

Apart from giving personal and economical benefits, coworking spaces help to get the professional benefits as well. Being a member of a coworking space, it allows one to be surrounded by highly motivated, ambitious people on a daily basis. It is easier to grow more when you have such positive vibes around you

Digital Marketing is now evolving rapidly every day. Digital Marketing has settled well in almost all major industries, has become a major source of marketing product and services online. Digital Marketing has overcome the power of traditional marketing techniques and now its been used in almost every industry like Food, travel, healthcare, IT.

How Digital Marketing is Affecting Healthcare Industry:

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Those businesses who use search engine marketing along with social media marketing get more business then there competitors. Digital Marketing helps businesses to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines which leads in getting better visitors. Better google ranking means better visibility to potential customers.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is yet another main strength of digital marketing which has gained exposure. Social media marketing helps in keeping regular updates of your business to reach customers and give them new offers and services.
  3. Email Marketing: By Email Marketing, we mean dropping an email to the people by providing them with some offer or making awareness about some disease or by providing hospital details.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry - Digiyug

How Digital Marketing used in the Healthcare Industry:

In the future of the healthcare industry, there are many recent additions with a mix of products and services to help doctor, physician or pharma company.

Local SEO –– local SEO has replaced our Yellow Pages. This search-based methodology of finding local businesses is especially important for doctors and physicians to locate the clinic/hospital.  People can easily find the location/contact details and address of clinic and hospital easily through search engines.

Online Payment Acceptance: Through online payment, doctors can accept payment from anywhere in the world. They just to provide the account no. and within a few minutes, they can get the fees from the patients.

Online Selling of medicine: It has been so easy to sell medicines online just by seeing the prescription of the patients. Doctors can courier the medicine and take advance payment as well for the same

360-Degree Photos and Video Tours –– Just Imagine being able to experience a 360-degree tour of your office along with photos and videos to any of the patient/Guardian.  Hospitals/clinics owners can generate a 360-degree view of their clinic/hospitals by using apps like Street View or Google Camera and then can share with patients.

Live Stream Videos –– Doctors and now communicate with their patients while sitting away from them by using live video stream and in fact can share their live videos on social media platforms.


Since our incorporation in the year 2011, we, Bajaj Medtronics Pvt. Ltd. is a well known manufacturer, wholesaler, trader and distributor of quality approved array of products that include Disposable Products, Blood Collection Tubes, Medical Syringe, Non Vacuum Tubes, Medical Needles etc. Our offered product-array is known for its reliable, excellent durable, recyclable, eco- friendly and lightweight. All professionals of our company work in harmony to attain the set business goals.Under the supervision of our director Mr. Maneesh Bajaj, we have attained a respectful position in the market and also attained a huge appreciation from the customers.

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