It is a very important subject of the Oil and Gas industries. The meaning of this is to have a taping on the main line in charged condition without stopping the flow in the line.

The hot tapings can be required for Instrument connections LIKE THERMOWELL, PRESSURE CONTROL SWITHCE INSTALLATION, DRAINING OF PIPELINES etc.

The following are the steps involved for the hot tapings:-

1. Select the point where the tapping is required

Hot Tapping Img 01

2. Provide split T, special designed for this activity and weld it on the pipe.

Hot Tapping Img 02

3. Provide a full bore ball valve as shown in the fig (Gate valves or other full ported valves like Ball valves etc are used )

Hot Tapping Img 03

4. Install the Drill machine on top of Ball Valve

Hot Tapping Img 04

5. Drill machine will cut the portion of pipe. Cut metallic pieces and small volume of fluid will be taken inside the drill machine beyond the valve. Ball valve is closed in position. Sometimes the Sandwich or Wafer type valves are also used. Machine is dismantled and the Hot Tapping is ready for further pipe routing.


Hot Tapping Img 05


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