Re-branding Software on Test

What Is Rebranding?

In general rebranding actually means we change name, symbol, tagline, logo, advertising for a existing brand.

But in software world Re-branding is different is little different, it’s like using backend engine/resources with new name.

So The company providing Backend engine is different and company offering services using engine is different.



Why World is moving towards rebranding?

It’s now Become difficult to concentrate on both Sales as well as manufacturing simultaneously, either the company is sales driven or manufacturing driven.


Sales & Marketing companies are increasing their competency in finding new ways to reach customers and all the resources get exhausted for this.


Development companies are day by day investing in research as well as business logic.


So This is How This works:

Sales & Marketing companies now can register with these companies and can give a fixed cost or minimum revenue to market their services but with their own brand name. This is Actually Called Re-Branding in software world.


This Business Strategy will open doors for new entrepreneurs & indirectly create a space for new innovation.




Future of Rebranding  with Software As a Service SAAS

Examples of Re-Branding business : Web Hosting, Domain Name Sellers, Recruitment, Property Brokers, Telecom Products,  Financial Consultants,


This is Actually The future, every domain will be touch by this re-branding thus resulting in shares SAAS.


Software companies developing software on Re-Branding management will be at boost, Software Product Dev companies will necessary need this for handling their customers.



Testing Re-Branding SoftwareModules which are the part of Re-Branding software and to be tested thoroughly are as below :

GUI Testing : Logo, Trademark, Contact Us, Google Maps, Localization

Sales company will have their own logo, trademark, contact us info, This module will handle all GUI info to be easily updated by the seller itself.

Role Based Testing : Sell has many role based users and will be given software access.

Impersonate Test : Admin or higher role, can impersonate and login in to junior or reporting panel and can impersonate the business flow. Note : software should have log report associated with this, Tester should test that log module thoroughly.

End User / Customer portal Test : Every seller will give user or customer login facility with services they offer.

Admin & Roles Test : This is a Reseller Admin & Roll Test Module

Reports Test : Reports like Sales, Inventory, Customers, and Data etc Could be available in this module.

Product Key & Licence test :  If it’s a software service, it could be associated with Product Key or licence, we need to be sure the licences given to be sold are working properly with clients (Note : Notification module is closely associated with this)

Currency Conversion test : If service is being offered in different country. Real Time Currency Conversion pays an important role in this, one need to test API’s for currency conversions.

Inventory : If Any Physical Device is associated with software, we need to trac that inventory module works fine, either this could impact the whole business process.

Invoice test : Every Reseller will issue a Invoice for every sale, we need to test the content of invoice.

Email Communication: Auto email module for sales, users, marketing, will work automatically.

Mobile App test: Every SAAS will have a Mobile App module also, it needs to integrate with existing user base.

Cloud integration:  Every software SAAS is in the process of converting to land up in Cloud integration, we need to test all integration tests for different cloud service providers.


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