FUNCTIONAL TESTING in case of Billing for Time and Material

FUNCTIONAL TESTING in case of Billing for Time and Material

When software developer builds software than to make sure that software is developed correct or not software tester has to perform software testing of that software. As per technical specifications or guidelines, software testing should be done under specific model or methodology. Majorly software engineers follow V-Model. As per V model the right arm is for validation of software. Under Validation arm Software Test engineer performs Integration Testing, System Testing , Functional Testing, Regression Testing, UAT, MAT etc.
Functional Testing is to make sure that functionalities of modules are functioning correctly. For example there is a Banking Software and User deposit XYZ amount in his account. The Amount should get added correctly in his/her balance. So Software Tester has to check that value is added correctly . Sum functionality is working fine. Updated value is printed correctly in Passbook or after withdrawing xyz amount from ATM the result should display correctly or printed on slip after deduction.
Let us more elaborate functional testing by examples. Consider user access a webpage and registered himself on that e –commerce website. After registration an email and message will pops in his email Inbox and mobile message box. This functionality is developed by developer but Software tester has to test this functionality after performing the above steps i.e. to make sure message in Inbox of email and cell phone populates correctly.
Now functional Testing cannot be done randomly, it is a planned activity which is completely based on RTVM provided by the business team. On the basis of RTVM and MPP, Test Manager /Test Lead prepared Test Plan and Software Test Engineer of Testing Team generates functional Test case scenarios and Test cases of various modules of software. These test case scenarios and test cases are mapped with Requirement numbers under RTVM (Requirement Traceability and verification matrix).

Amit Tiwari (QA Professional)

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