Checklist for Successful Email Marketing

Checklist for Successful Email Marketing - Digiyug

Email marketing is an act of conveying and spreading promotional/commercial messages to groups of people via emails. Email Marketing helps to interact with your target audience through dropping a mail in their inbox to promote your brand and it helps in increasing the sale.

Email marketing is one of the highly effective digital marketing strategies of sending emails to targeted customers. An Effective email marketing campaign needs to be written very carefully to attract the attention of your audience.

Most of the time while doing email marketing, emails go to spam box so you have to take care of your actions so that your emails are landed to customers inbox.  

Here is the 2019 Checklist for Successful Email Marketing

  • Quantify the no. email address required: You have to identify the no. of email address does your business require. This will help you to set a budget for marketing your business
  • Set objectives for email marketing: Initially you have to decide the following objectives:
    • Target audience
    • No. of people you want to target
    • Right  Time to hit the inbox of the potential audience
    • Quality of Content that needs to be delivered
  • Encourage your customers to sign up for the newsletter: Request permission from your audience to send them promotional emails. This will help your business to send more offers or upcoming sales promotional emails.
  • Ensure the ‘Subscribe’ form on your home page of the website is easy to find. Do not place subscriber form at the footer of the website as nobody will look at that. It’s better to place subscriber form on many pages of the website
  • Ask only minimum of information for sign up: Just ask for email id and name at first stage of the form for sign up so that at least you get the email id and then on the next step you can ask for further information
  • Explain all the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter: you should have an answer to why signup for your emails when there are other options available in the market. Tell the benefits like you will get offers, special discounts or giveaways.
  • State your privacy policy precisely: Always mention the privacy policies on your website and also along with the subscription form to ensure that their data will not be distributed.
  • Use incentives to encourage the audience to subscribe: Your goal should be ‘Win, Free or save’. This could help your business to grow by giving offers to your customers as it attracts customers to buy your product/service.

free email marketing tools available online

  • If you need a piece of sensitive information, explain why it’s needed: if its is possible to reduce the level of sensitivity then make sure your customers don’t feel awkward to answer like rather than asking the date of birth, give date range like 24-26yrs, 30-35yrs etc
  • Include a ‘recommend a friend’ option in your email marketing. Offering a cashback or some amount in e-account this will help in increasing brand awareness.
  • Do viral campaign: It is also a part of email marketing like offering online game/cashback offers or something related to entertainment, it like engaging them and letting them forward it to there friends like word of mouth marketing but in a digital way.
  • Avoid third-party data: This can harm your brand reputation and also can reduce the no. of emails that are successfully delivered as it may not comply with data protection law.
  • Don’t be so aggressive: while asking your audience to signup for newsletters, just don’t be too aggressive like placing popup on every page or popup just after someone landed your website rather give them some time to spend on your website and read about your company or products/services

Some of the free email marketing tools available online :

  • MailChimp.
  • Mailjet.
  • SendPulse.
  • Benchmark.
  • Zoho Campaigns.
  • VerticalResponse.

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