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For those seeking extensive support available at all times, we present our Signature SRE-as-a-Service. This service eliminates the burden from your shoulders when managing your cluster. Our AppZ Platform includes exceptional observability and alert management capabilities, as well as an industry-standard SRE approach to monitor and maintain your cluster. Our clients can rely on the service to achieve an exceptional uptime of 99.999%! We don’t stop there, though; we also strive to achieve constant improvements through SRE, while still providing all the benefits of Kubernetes. This all-inclusive package can be availed of for a pay-as-you-go monthly fee.

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The Calico Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) is implemented by Calico as a plug-in, and Calico also provides agents for Kubernetes, both of which are used to provide networking for pods and containers. Every pod receives an IP address that is completely routable after Calico has finished generating a layer-3 network that is flat.

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