10 Tips For Cheap Travel Around The World

   10 Tips For Cheap Travel Around The World


I’m always looking for tips to help travelers save money! Here are some tips to help you travel for cheap. Most of us love to travel and explore new destinations, but a lot of things hold us back. Of these, money is the most frequently cited factor. It’s the only thing that prevents most of us from Going out and exploring exotic lands. This article is for all those who think that you have to be rich to travel. There are many ways to travel cheaply in any country and save money. Here are 10 tips that will help you see the world on a small budget. You can find more travel tips at


  1. Plan your trip

Before traveling, it is important to research the destination. Knowing a little about the country, its people, its culture, its customs, its food, etc., you will avoid a lot of problems. A little research will let you know the expensive cities that may need to be avoided. Similarly, you must also plan the places you will visit and the time you spend there. Traveling with a plan is especially important in case you are a budget traveler, because planning everything in advance will save you unexpected expenses.

  1. Choose wisely your airline

Flying can be very expensive if you do not choose the right airline for your trip. A cheap airline can save you money if you are smart enough to avoid extra costs. Additional fees may apply if you are looking for better benefits, such as the seat of your choice, or if you want to settle together if you are traveling in a group. Baggage fees may apply, even if you do not check in your luggage. Cheap airlines can save you money if you are willing to sacrifice some comfort. I invite you to read these few secrets to find cheap airline tickets before you search.

  1. Travel out of season

Traveling in high season can cost you more money, so it’s wise to avoid trips in high season. Prices of airlines, hotels and food increase during school holidays and at occasions like Christmas, Easter, Eid and Diwali. You can save a lot of money because airlines and hotels reduce their prices to attract customers out of season. In addition, you also avoid crowds of tourists at your destination.

  1. Eat local food

For travelers on a budget, it is advisable to eat what the locals eat. Overpriced cafes and restaurants can cost you a lot of money that you could otherwise save by going to local places that serve fresh meals. This way you can get a much more authentic experience. In addition, it is best to avoid eating near famous tourist attractions because the food is necessarily expensive. Cooking yourself or preparing a sandwich or hamburger can save you a lot of money.

  1. Save money on transportation

Transportation is a major factor that consumes a lot of our money on a trip. Becoming familiar with the public transportation system can save you a lot of time and money. Local buses and trains are cheap and offer more opportunities to meet and get to know the locals. Services like Uber can also be used because they are cheaper and more reliable than local taxis. Having a means of transportation is a better option if you plan to stay in one place for a long time. Buy a car or bike to avoid the hassle of public transport, although this can sometimes become more difficult, but that’s why we travel. You will be challenged every day; You will be faced with a breakdown, a puncture, you will lose yourself, but you will learn every day during this kind of trip. In addition, it can be more adventurous because it allows you to occasionally camp, sleep in your vehicle and save money that will otherwise be spent on the hotel. At the end of your trip, you can resell the vehicle and recover much of your money spent on transportation.

  1. Use community platforms

Using a community platform can save you a lot of money because you can find cheaper accommodation, meals and transportation. Sites such as Airbnb (for accommodation), EatWith (meals), BlaBlaCar (carpooling) have transformed the travel industry by making it much cheaper and more accessible. You also get in touch with the locals and learn a lot about the place.

  1. Use travel discounts

Never forget to use the travel discounts that exist on the web. If you have a promo code, you can save money on flights, travel, shopping and a host of other things around the world. There are many sites doing some research, you can see all the Go Voyages discounts on this site for example. GO Voyages is one of the largest online sellers of airline tickets in France and offers a wide choice of flight deals, at the best prices and from cities around the world and with this kind of travel discounts you can save up to 40% discount or deduct 100 € on your ticket.

  1. Walk more

You do not need to take a taxi or public transport to get anywhere, especially when you want to save money. If the place of visit is within a reasonable walking distance for you, go there on foot. As you walk through town, you will experience immersive and culturally enriching experiences.

  1. Work while traveling

There are countless opportunities to make money nowadays. All you need is a laptop with a stable internet connection. With the increasing penetration of the internet, <a href=”https://www.careermetis.com/actionable-tips-successful-freelance-career-2019/”>freelancers</a> can now earn a lot of money by living anywhere they want in the world while traveling. You can also make money without a long-term job, for example teaching skiing in winter or a language in another country. The opportunities to make money are many if you put in a little time and effort.

  1. Be flexible with your plans

When traveling on a limited budget, it’s possible that things are not going as planned. Bad things can happen to you from time to time, and you should be ready for that. You could end up in a bad situation and lose money; you might not get a refund for something that would have been insured. When such misfortunes occur, you must accept the changes and adjust your plans accordingly.

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